Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Great Moment In History

Today is a great day.

The first black president takes the helm of the most powerful country in the world after China.

It will be no easy task, but I feel that he will tackle some of the thorny problems in the world and within America.

He is a man you can believe in.

At last Bush is gone now and you have a president who knows something!

It will not be an easy trip he will put the united back into USA.

Yo Do know he had Irish relations from Moneygall....

Goo luck to you all.

Now back to basics.

How did we let all this happen?
Police against the public.

Over the past few nights there is a police van parked at the bottom of Belgrovre Rd Clontarf. It is busy taking photos of passing cars.
Penalty points and hefty fines to follow.

Garda booking taxis en mass.
It gives the Garda an easy quota of fines for the month.
This is a revenue gathering exercise, nothing more.

If you loose your job you can buy a taxi plate and join the thousands of other taxis on the streets.
It dosen't matter that there are no ranks to hold the number of taxis which are on the street,or that there is not enough work to go round,morality does not come into it.
You pay and they take your money....There is no refund scheme.

I know a thing or two about taxi driving.
I also know that this business is dead.

Honest guys with 20 years behind the wheel are giving up. "If the standard of today means that a driver does not know where Temple St hospital, or Crumlin hospital is. The game is up.

There are no standards.

When the guy driving you home is not the guy on the ID on the dash, when he has no idea whether Raheny is Northside or Southside.. Something is very wrong.

So if you feel that a change should happen join the protest.

Here are the details. (Straight from Roys blog.)

Taxi Protest

Monday 8.30am 2 Feb 2009 Start in Parnell SQ, pass by the Dail proceeding to the Regulators Office.


* Taxi regulator needs to acknowledge there are enough taxis and a moratorium should be put on licences.

* Government have to stop giving incentives encouraging people into business.

* Give incentives to keep drivers in the business

* Create more taxi ranks


  1. Anonymous1:31 AM

    John, I have been driving a taxi since April 1983. I have not worked since New Years eve last. I just can't face going out anymore to join the rat race. No rank space, drivers racing each other trying to reach an illusive fare, Gardai issuing fines if your not fully within the taxi rank markings, "enforcers" from the TR'S office checking for first aid kit, etc. "Enforcers", what a title, it makes taxi drivers sound like some sort of criminal with a title like that. "Officers" would be more apt. Thank God my family are grown and my mortgage paid.I just about earn enough to feed myself and my wife and pay utility bills. Now I am fearful for the future in my retirement years. I feel for the younger men with families to feed and mortgages to pay. How did we arrive at this situation? Everybody says that all industries are feeling the cold wind of the economic climate, builders, factory workers, shopkeepers, etc. But, builders, factorys, shops, etc are NOT recruiting more workers. WE are the only industry taking on more and more workers EVERY day. It seems that the taxi trade is a dumping ground for every unemployed person in the country! Ya want a job? Get yourself a taxi and drive around in circles all day. Sweet Jesus.

  2. Its gotten very stupid the way the taxi reg keeps issuing licences to everyone, my m8 in Waterford told me this morning how he only earned 18 euro frm 6 am till 11 when I seen him on the rank, its gone past a joke and TDs and the so called goverment as well as the TR need to do more instead of sticking their heads in the sand.

  3. Paddy, you have to go back out, hard as it might be. Every penny you will take in will prevent a new kid on the block from progressing.Today I had to pass Heuston twice before I got on the rank. A twat passed me out as we were heading to the rank...But my luck was in I got a e30 fare with a e20 tip, that would have been his fare had he not cut me off.

    Talk to some of the lads Paddy, do a few early mornings,ease yourself back.
    You might even need some medication. Things are bad, but don't let the bastards win.

    Richie you know how bad things are,I would do better with the banjo on Grafton St.