Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tomorrow is a new day

The swearing in this evening went so well, all inclusive, a new day of hope and promise.

I have a good feeling all this is going to go well.

I was looking again at the 100 Best restaurants guide and its really crap!
It is only good if someone asks you where some place is.

Education does not come cheap.

There was an interview on the radio with the famous restaurant critic Egon Roney he had a tough enough life and started to write critique of establishments when he went into a restaurant in London.
He looked at the menu which was bad and asked for a cup of tea which was all he could take.
When the water came he asked for a spoon to put some sugar into the tea. The waiter pointed to a spoon which hung from the ceiling on a piece of string. "Can you imagine there was only one spoon"
He spoke about how he wrote that the food served in terminal two at Heathrow was only fit for the bin.
Forte threatened to sue him, he said "go ahead".
But Forte then withdrew at the last minute.
He seems like a very wise man now in his 90s if he eats somewhere he still chats to the matre'd and suggests how things might be improved.
Improving things is all he ever wanted to do in the first place.
There was a story of a celebrated Italian restaurant where on hearing that there was a critic from the Michelin guide in the place promptly gave him the bums rush and refused the star. "My public are my critics and no one else"

The Irish Timeshas come up with an idea to beat the recession. 6 restaurants are offering a 2 course meal with a glass of wine for e20. Monday to Thursday. 26/29 Jan 2/5 February.

These establishments are considered to be top class.

L'Ecrivan....01 6611919

Chapter one....01 8732266

Bentleys oyster bar and grill..01 6383939

Town bar and grill 01 6624724

The Cellar....01 6030600


The conditions are that it only for Mon to Thurs at the times advertised and you must have a copy of the Irish Times with you when you arrive for your meal and you are requested to make a donation to the Hospice in Harold's cross.

To hell with the recession, dress up and see how the quality live.

On the other hand the recession hits some people very hard.
A billionaire killed himself yesterday, faced with terrible losses in the property and banking section he faced ruin so he killed himself.

His wife found the body after bring the kids to school.

His wife and children are totally deviated.

Young children asking for Daddy.

He would have never done such a thing if he had thought it through.

If you can't talk to your spouse ring the Samaritans 1850 609090

Things can be worked out with the right help.

Today I had a lucky morning, great people tips on every trip then I got a e20 tip on a e30 fare.

Meeting people who have just arrived here from Australia and Irish people just back.

God its a small world.

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  1. Great post.The same has happened here in America, people killing themselves because they don't think it through.Why?? Money. Great thing putting that phone number up, its like driving the taxi, people open up to us and tell us the most intimate frightening things they are going through and then won't say a word to their family. there is always help.Once again , great post.