Monday, January 26, 2009

March to the regulators office

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The circus America is in Swords ending this week.

It will cost some money to move them trucks.-

Monday is often a busy day, I work it,but today I should have stayed in bed.
After 4 hours I had e26 taken in. Less expenses I suppose I broke even.
I had a call to bring one of my regulars to the dentist, only for that I was lost.
Coming back across the city I got on to the Dawson St rank and got a fare to Shrewsbury Rd one of the most expensive roads in Dublin.
I often wondered what the people who lived in those multi million euro houses were like,,Guess what? She was a really nice person, some of the same problems as us all.
On turning the car on her road I saw a Rolls Royce, a Jag XX with the top down, a Bently coupe and a Messariti all at the same house.. I did say there was money on that road.

I dropped a girl off at the back of Connelly train station and promptly picked up a guy going to Brookwood. He had a box that could only contain pigeons.
In Blackpool last week the pigeons fanciers had their big weekend, thousands of them flock to the Winter Gardens where they have bird shows and buy and sell birds. Dealers come over to sell tonics and birds.
He had not been there but had ordered these birds and they were delivered by courier to the station.
The guys who go there save up all year for the event,this week they start saving for next year.

At the last weekend in February the Magicians take over Blackpool.
Thousands of them, with hundreds of magic dealers in the halls, it is their weekend.
Look here
I won't be going this year but it is interesting to say the least.

Magic for me is the best fun you can have without taking your clothes off...Paul Daniels.

This guy will be there.

A very easy trick! All in the presentation.
He sells his videos on L&L

On the Sunday night they have a gala show where tax expert Ken Dodd OBE gives the prizes to the competition winners.
If you go there mind out, a lot of pickpocets work the conventions.

The Mayfair on Vance Rd is a good place to stay 01253 623798 cheap too.

This line up would be more to my liking.

David Williamson is a very funny guy and Paul has a lot of talent.

Just while I am on the subject of magic. FISM is on this year in Beijing China.
I know someone who is selling a ticket to the event e300, Thats e80 off any takers?

leave you details in the comment box.

While I am at it is there any way to make the taxi regulator vanish?

There will be a march to the regulators office on Monday at 8.30 AM...Its not a strike as such, its a protest march.

So be there or be square.

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  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Hi John,

    Seeing the circus reminded me of when we were kids, biking out the road to be the first to see the Duffy's Circus arrive to set up in your Dad's field - good memories...Sam