Monday, January 05, 2009

Over subscribed.

Here's a good one.
Do you still think buying a taxi licence is a good idea?

The video vanished , but you can watch it here on the top R/H side of Roys blog.

Many thanks to all who made this.
This is the reply I got when I asked the taxi regulator. It looks very wrong to me.
Thank you for your contact with the Commission for Taxi Regulation.

The Commission for Taxi Regulation took over as the vehicle licensing authority in 2006, therefore we only have figures from this date onwards. At the end of 2007 there were 25695 active small public service vehicle (spsv) licenses in the country. As of 1st December 2008 there are 27311 active spsv licenses in the country. This is broken down as follows;

Hackney – 4887

Limousine – 1331

Taxi – 19500

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis – 1593

As of 1st December 2008 there are 46583 active PSV driver licenses in the country. This licence is issued by An Garda Síochána and enables a driver to operate the vehicle licence.

I hope this addresses your query.


  1. WOW...That is tragic , New York is heading towards a similar fate. Damn crooked industry !! I deal with unlicensed taxis all the time and my pocket sufers greatly !!!

  2. yes we have, similar but different problems. from the video it seems your taxi overcrowding problem is far worse than here.

  3. Oh crap! the video isn't playing now! I linked up to you and Roy to hopefully spread the word. Roy's youtube version is working, maybe it's just a glitch with my computer?

  4. well I can't find your post linking to the new york cabbie fundraiser back in 2006. but I just listened to the mp3, finally hearing it because at the time I was too tired after work to socialize with taxi drivers who i didn't know. It was really good, great poems, and M.P.'s reading of chapter 2 was good as well, the comedian at the end who went on for more than 30 minutes was completely unnecessary, and made me glad I never showed up. Thanks for providing that link though, it took 2 years for me to realize that I could hear it on streaming mp3.