Saturday, January 17, 2009

Old Volks

Hows that! The car is a bit of a cheat parts were imported from Mexico, but the van is really genuine, owned by Ballsbridge motors and on show in the AXA HQ.

Hows about this..Noel Dempsey the minister of transport has no plans to cap the number of taxis on the Irish roads. Last night I drove around for hours for one fare,then I went home.

It is completely mad.
Well this time of the year is bad normally now is is incredible.

So the powers that be are calling a strike for Monday 2 Feb!

There are enough guys who do not care who will work, but if you care anything about your future you should down tools.
This will be followed by "hassle" from the Garda for sure.
This situation would not be allowed to happen in France or Spain.

It is one rule for our rulers another rule for the thousands of workers who are being put on the scrap heap every week.
Our leaders have not come out of their offices for a long time, we seem to have no voice.
The politicians seem to think that they belong to the old Soviet system,responsible to no one and not liable for anything.
They guaranteed the banks at the stroke of a pen putting the nation into debt.
Then they allowed bank officials to "Resign" with pension, perks and golden parachutes to boot. They "borrowed" over 100 million euro from their bank and did not even get quizzed by the fraud squad!

Then the government nationalized the bank...The shareholders now find that their shares are now worthless.
The small people get hit, they pick off one section at a time. Farmers. Fishermen, health workers... then they bring in "Yellow pack workers"
They get less pay or benefits while they are working,then they are laid off when they qualify for any perks.

Big Business has no heart,"you do it or there a thousand others who will do it and for less money".


(As the bard said)

Here is a link for the taxi survey, at least if you take part you will have been heard by someone.

While I am at it I suppose I should take a moment to introduce to 2 famous Cork people Jimmy McCarthy died last year and the other one Jack Doyle a boxer who rose to stardom.. Married Movita who was a suprtstar in her own way. Known a the Gorgeous Geal he spent his money on fast women slow horses and drink, until he died homeless in London. Later he was dug up from a paupers grave and re buried in Cobh by his boxing promoter.
Thank God you have friends and family to steady you.

A great song .

Next week I hope to review the links on the R/H side. A lot of guys have stopped blogging and there is loads of good things out there.


  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    ah the old volks beetle
    my ex sister inlaw had one and i borrowed it for a weekend [they dont make cars like that any more ]
    THANK GOD :)
    as per the protest planned for the 2nd .
    my stance is F them if they dont want to join in let them .they are the gobshites that cant see any further than the next fare [ and that fare is getting harder to find by the day ]

  2. I read about a newlywed couple who drove from London to New Zealand back in the sixties in a beetle. And then repeated the journey thirty years later in the same car.

  3. Wow that was some test of endurance.
    I love to see the vintage cars, brings me back to my youth.
    I love to read of great road trips.
    Bet the driver would have to do births, deaths and marriages.

  4. How do I become a follower of this blog. I can't seem to find the 'follow this blog' link! Cheers Ro.

  5. I will find out later and let you know Ronan. Great photos by the way.
    As tar as I know when you sign into blogger there is a reading list...

  6. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Jimmy MacCarthy didn't die in 2008.
    He is still very much alive and doing gigs all over Ireland. His new album Hey Ho Believe will be out before the summer.