Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taxi anyone?

Get screwed big time in Sandyford.

"Slum Clarence inner city"

New terminal rising at the airport.

Things may be bad but pity the poor souls in Gaza or in Zimbabwe, at least we can survive.
1900 jobs go in Dell in Limerick.
Waterford glass in receivership.

There was an old music hall performer called Harry Lauder around the time of the 1914/18 war who made loads of money. When someone asked him for advice he told them "If your act is not working you must work on your act"
True for today as well.
Quick tour of Glasgow. Capital of Donegal

Another thing you can do is buy tourist guides, they are often discounted just around now. I find the Rough Guide books very good. Education is a wonderful thing.

I have a few people who book me for runs to doctors and airports etc.
Why? Because I am reliable and friendly. If for example I hear of road closures I will be helpful and ring them up and suggest an earlier departure time. Look at Royhe is going to try tours of Dublin and a pub crawl of the more exotic of Dublin pubs.
Good luck with that Roy.

The Dubliner 100 best restaurants guide is out now.

Learn where the saddle room, Saba,Melody or Indie Spice restaurants are.
Even if you don't learn any of them it is good to have the book in the car. "Driver what do you know about Rolys Bistro?"You can pass over the book, or you could tell them that it is expensive,the tables are crammed into each other and they try to get you out very quickly.
One very funny guy told me
"I paid for my meal there with the skin of my arse" Ouch!
I tell people to try the pub lunches, they are cheap and quite good too.
Later on in the day go for the early bird menu, before 8 pm.
Cheaper is not often better.

So here are the top 10 from the guide.
They are not done by price thats for sure,
I have only eaten in Nr. 3 it was good, but then again good company makes a good meal.

1 Jo'Burger
137 Rathmines Rd.

2 Chapter one
18/19 Parnell sq.

3 L'Gueleton
1 Fade st.

4 Town bar and grill
21 Kildare st.

5 Cafebardeli
Grafton st,

6 The Unicorn
12bMerrion ct,

7 Bentleys
22 St Stephens green.
ph 6383939

8 La Mason Des Gourmets
15 Castle market (no website.)

9 The winding stair
40 Ormond quay,

10 Saba
26/28 Clarendon st.

I would like to add
O'Connells new reastaurant at the
old Berkley Court hotel.

And La Cave
Sth Anne St beside Vards
Fantastic French food great for lunch.

We all know that ones mans meat is another mans poison,so I give you this as I got it.
Perhaps the websites will help you to plan your night out.
One way or another it will be an education.

Looking back on last weeks posting of that house for sale, did you notice that even the for sale sign is covered in graffiti? You don't have to be very smart to notice that no one believes that this house can be sold at anything like the asking price.

Last week I had a lady going to a nuns funeral in Glassnevin. She was a great talker and a very happy woman,content in herself. When the topic turned to children she told me that she had 4 daughters but one of them had died."You might know of her, Veronica Guerin",well she was one brave lady. She was a press reporter she spoke out about the drugs lords who drive around immune from police hindrance. She named and shamed them, until they shot her.
They were immune no longer.
Things changed after that,for a while.
Veronicas mother is a very happy person in spite of loosing her husband at age 55 and her daughter to a violent death.
It would inspire you to be more hopeful of the future.
But the drugs war continues. 2 guys in bullet proof jackets were shot in the head from the back seat of their car in Summerhill last week, this is another page in the drugs war which is going on at present.

Tony Gregory who was an inner city hero died last week too. He stood up in the Dail and named the drug dealers, one of the guys he named at the time got shot the other day.

And thats all the news from here now,until I press the publish button


  1. Anonymous6:53 AM

    what a touching post. Veronica's Mother, what an honor.

  2. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I will save that top ten list for when I am next in Dublin. I was there in June '07. Ate at FXB in Temple Bar, and it was really good. Also got some carry-out from Nude (which I found out later is owned by Bono's brother) which I took and ate at St. Stephen's Green. And enjoyed a Guinness at McDaid's. Good memories. Great ones, actually.

  3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Jo burger number one! you're kidding me?