Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Job opportunity

New job prospect on the horizon.
We head off to Canada next month to start training, then off to Alaska..

Just thought I would share this with you as things are slack
Here is something I have on my computer, listen to this.It is a good show.
How they arrived at this point I do not understand,but the NY cab driver is the nail. Struck on the head by all sides.
GPS tracking,trip sheets and the TLC always on their case.
Melissa is the original NY Hack blogger, have a look hereShe wrote a book and went away.

Here is Tina Lenert who took this simple act right around the world,Paris Las Vegas you name it.
With no words it works anywhere.

A little bit of Magic to keep you amused.

Well it looks like the taxi regulator is playing silly buggers at the airport.
Posing as customers at the departures area they engage a taxi to go to Swords (A short trip) then they ask him to pull in at the garage where he is confronted with a summons for picking up at an unapproved area. Thing is that even the guys who Marshall the taxis at the departure area send people up who want to make short trips.
The taxi that picks them up is happy with a short bonus trip where the taxi which has been through the queueing system would not be one bit happy.
The DAA would be better off catching people who are jumping the queue at the "kesh".
One guy holds back creating a gap to allow 2 or 3 of his pals to slip in. You hardly thought that the delays in going up were an accident did you?
One of my friends told me he was approached by an English girl this morning and offered e40 to take her to Swords,(well over the rate)He told her to go downstairs, lucky boy.
There are laws on entrapment you know.

If the regulator came out at night and pounced on blocks of taxis, checking their papers perhaps they would not prove me wrong.
I think that there are a lot of guys driving who have no licence whatsoever never mind PSV licence. I bought the Evening Herald to look at the taxis for sale page. There was 23 ads. for taxis to rent. How is anyone to know who is driving it after the rented taxi is taken away?.
Public safety is at stake here, no one wants ALL taxi drivers to be taken as rapists robbers or murderers, just because one guy does something who was not driving a taxi legally in the first place..

I had a rotten morning I couldn't get on to any ranks, had to drive past Heuston 3 times, annoying thing was that if the drivers were moving up instead of reading their paper I would have had space to pull on to the rank.
Well at least I can go home to do the dishes !


  1. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Yes John I think we will all have to go to work for John West.

  2. the airport thing sound familiar to the new york way too. only we're different these ways. I don't think they ever do stings on taxis, but there are police who may look for such activity. You guys seem royal screwed, because your dispatcher is actually sending you up to the departures to get screwed by the police. with us it was always totally illegal, despite how much sense it made. here when we get a short fare while the dispatchers are working, the dispatcher hands the cab driver a short card, which allows them to come back to the airport and cut through the whole line next time.

    I did have the sting operation on me once in the city though, just to make sure i took the proper route, and drove well without honking my horn, talking on the phone, or smelling up me cab. thankfully i passed.

    about that gps, it wasn't the gps that i hated so much, it was a lot of things it does on the side. it is like 80% advertising, I think my passengers deserve more respect than to be bombarded with ads when they pay for a cab ride. the credit card machine is really cool, I have less cash and less reason to be robbed, but the negative is that I pay 5% of every transaction, while grocery stores pay only 1.8%

    I was upset about the movement against such gps machines, because while most cab drivers were voicing their opinion about being tracked and spied on, my major concern was paying 5% of credit cards, and hearing obnoxious ads.

    Too often it seems that political activists like to complain more than they actually like to change things for the better.

  3. Its alright for you.I am still doing the dishes.
    The short card did not work here as they handed them out to their mates all the time.
    I often think that the Irish invented corruption...The rest of the world are learning.
    The Taxi Alliance show was great.

    I don't know why you could not say any of the words which were displayed on the wall when I was on the radio..
    Those words described BUSH to a tee.

    Freedom of expression Mon Derriere