Saturday, May 23, 2009

Off to bed

We've been everywhere.

A traveler grave in Kellls Co Meath
Click on the photo you can see the image which is inside the stone, probably a lazer was used,quite something.

This vaulted celing is at the entrance to Fallon & Byrne at the bottom of Nassau St., It used to be a bank.

Just after a late night, not bad ..But not good either.
I just thought about some local people who were called upon to be extras in the making of the film "The Quiet Man" John Heuston asked a local man how much money he thought he should be getting? He said "Sure I'll have the same money as John Wayne is getting"
Not a bad thought that.

Well Leinster have won the Heineken Cup in Edinburgh yesterday,
Hope it lifts the mood.

On the question of the non response from the taxi regulator, she has received a bullet in the post.
No amount of marching was getting us anywhere, but when reasonable people are met with indifference,others will step forward with different methods for getting her to listen.
If we can work together to reach some solution to get some of our problems sorted.
Perhaps holding a full Irish driving licence for 4 years, a proper new test to replace the old one.
People who apply for PSV licence to be thoroughly checked out.
Not much to ask for.

The outcry over the report on child abuse rumbles on.
I heard one of our government ministers say that the people of Ireland should be happy that they were able to pay money to the victims of the abuse.

Well I for one would be very happy to allow the victims the opportunity to give them a beating,have their property seized and have them spend the rest of their lives living among lepers.
But we would have to protect the lepers from them.

The Vatican will have to be held accountable for this one.

I had a young nurse in the taxi tonight giving out about the staffing levels in the hospitals and the new replacement nurses coming in. A senior nurse from the Mater Hospital and she is moving on,had enough she has.
Things are worse every day,,you don't have to tell me.
They move call centers for example to India to save money and when you make the call you don't get any satisfaction. False economy.
Thank God there are other providers who have call centers at home.

just as I write the Police helicopter has been hovering over the house for the last 40 Min's. "It wasn't me that sent the bullet"

Perhaps there might be the shadow of change coming, I hope so and I am not just talking about the weather.
Galway is the place to be this week, the round the world yacht race is coming in and Guinness has organized a party.

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