Monday, May 18, 2009

Significant Birthday

If you don't know what it is Then it must be art.

American school bus in Clarendon St

Launch day at Clontarf Yacht club

Well around NOW I am SIXTY.

I remember 18 and 21. 30 was there sometime.
40 came along and then 50 arrived.

So when this milestone came I wondered where all the time went.

I held a few dinners with close friends and am doing a sailing started course, later I plan on going to Donnington Park in the UK to drive that Firrari.

So I don't plan on buying a rocking chair very soon.

I have been laying back and doing the old "ing"things. Painting, cleaning and relaxing.

There's more to life than work.

Took the weekend off and spent some time getting around this big event, but as Paul Daniels said when I asked him how old he was he said "12, yes I'm 12 inside and I have never changed but my body got a bit older".

Well I suppose I am 17, you can't drive at 12!

I am moving the radio away from RTE and over to Lyric FM more and more. Every time I listen to the news I hear something bad that drives me crazy.

Worst part is that all the tings they report on are beyond my control.

The worst example of what I mean was the report on the Monagear murder suicide report which came out last week.
For those outside the loop the father went to an undertaker and made arrangements for a funeral for the family, he told the undertaker that it was in case they were all killed in a car crash.

The undertaker rang all the alarm bells and the only thing that happened was that a priest called to the house.
Social services were not alerted but in any case we don't have a 24/7 service, (but we do have a government jet and our prime minister gets more pay than Barrack Obama)

So the father kills the wife and the kids then himself.

One theory is that because the husband was almost blind he would have had to have an accomplice.

Nevertheless the report came with pages and pages of censored material.

An official said at the press briefing "Even if we had sent help to the house they would more than likely have not been able to prevent the tragedy."

That is the biggest load of crap I ever heard.
People are talked down from buildings and bridges every day, children are taken into protective care all the time.

That guy needs to have his job taken from him and given to someone with a bit more cop on.

We would never build dams to prevent flooding, fix the roof to stop the rain coming in if we all had that attitude.

It would be the end of the world for me If I knowingly did nothing to save the life of a mother and 2 small children from dying.

Change is very hard, but sometimes worth fighting for.

I wish we could do something to change our government, but alas the opposition seem to be as daft as a flock of sheep.

So I will try to change what I can and ignore what I can't.

Had a messy one first thing today, going to Sandymount over the east link toll bridge, It cost e10.60 he gave me a e50 and I gave him back e40.People would often give you the extra change,in coin, not him, then I realized I had not charged for the toll bridge e1.80 so I had done myself e2.40 !.

After that the day just got better!!

Last week I picked up a Traveller on the Clontarf Rd. Tallagh he said as he got in.
I'll let you hold e50 till we get there.
He was rough as rough as can be and started talking to someone on the mobile phone, yes he had the "Stuff" and he had some gold chains and rings."Mary will love the pendant I have for her" The next call was "No I didn't get a chance t get ta de prison"

On and on it went "I swear on me dead brothers grave I will and on the lives of me childer"
Trouble all the way then he rang his wife who happened to be in McDonalds in O'Connell St and we diverted and he was gone at last.

The rest of the people that day were great.

Some travelers have started drug dealing in a big way,as they move across Europe and across borders all the time no one knows where they are at any time.

But today the news came in about a BMW which had been stopped by the police a few minutes earlier crashed into a wall on Dunsink lane..When the boys in blue went to investigate they found a body in the boot..

So as I say as tough as nails.

A traveler goes into a sports shop and asks for a baseball bat.

The shop keeper asks if he wants a white one or a black one.

"Whats the difference?" asks the traveler.

"DO you want one for a wedding or a funeral?"Sir.

Sign of the death of the Celtic Tiger too was a couple heading to Fairview, near the end of the trip they said they should make a move on as they had to go to the airport soon.
He was going back to America to work, its just like the time when hundreds of Irish were working in London and Manchester just to keep bread on the table.

I never expected to see those days again and so suddenly too.


  1. Happy Birthday to you from Virginia, USA.

  2. I knew that chap who done in his kids, he used to live in our last estate in new ross before movin to monageer, my wife is friends of his sister and I personally feel SOMEONE SOMWHERE should have acted and DONE something, its a little bit too late, 2 innoncent kids killed by their parents, they didnt deserve that, kids are meant to bring us joy but we are not meant to do bad stuff to them