Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tell this to the Judge.
He was late.
He had a gun to my head.
But he just had to be there on time or the world would end.

If you know Paris you will love this.

OK here is the making of the movie.


  1. Holy Foxtrot, Batman!

    I've driven a bit of that route - but there was a bit more traffic around then - and about a million gendarmes at the Arc de Triomphe a few minutes before the Olympic flame came through last year.

    I suspect that may not actually have been quite as exciting in real life as it looked on film, but oh boy, what a thrill!

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Yes Skyring it was a hoax, sort of.
    Go to the page on youtube and you can find the clip the making of rendevous.