Monday, May 25, 2009


This is my first footage on you tube.
Listen to the news !

This is the line for the train one Sunday night, imagine being last car.
Look at the gaps where cars have not moved on.
But it is a heel of a line!


Taxi Drivers For Change

"Change For The Better"


"Taxi Drivers For Change meet with Gardai , first time the Gardai have been consulted on Taxi issues on the ground"

Taxi Drivers For Change met with An Garda Siochanna on Monday 18/05/09 to discuss the day to day problems that Irish taxi drivers are experiencing in trying to make a living. The main problem from our point of view relates to the unavailability of rank space and enforcement by Gardai and their instructions as to how to deal with the Taxi community. From this first meeting it was agreed to address the most important issues of mutual concern ie, our need for rank space and the Gardai's job to keep traffic moving and access for the public and emergency services. It was agreed that the main issues will be be addressed as follows:

Taxi Drivers For Change and the Gardai Siochanna will meet in the coming weeks and will speak to Gardai from around the rest of the City and Dublin City council officials to finalise the way forward together. On that agenda will be rank spaces,new ranks, enforcement and accessibility for Taxi's, Co operation with An Garda Siochanna is in the best interest of our agenda and the community we serve at large.

"Minister Dempsey acknowledges Taxi Drivers For Change"

For the first time since Taxi Drivers For Change began their campaign in January 2009 Minister Noel Dempsey has acknowledged the existence of TDFC and in a letter to us has expressed his wish that we allow the taxi regulator to conduct a "consultation process" with the Taxi industry to enable her to say she has consulted with the industry, We don't think so. Our position is that until the taxi industry has the ability to negotiate its position and has an appeals process we will not be engaging with the Taxi Regulation Commission. However, if the TRC applies to the Minister of Transport to expand its remit to include these requirements then the industry will engage in a positive manner. The Minister has further written to us to say how unhappty he is with the personalistion of our campaign towards the present incumbant at the Taxi Regulation Commission.

"Delegation from TDFC met with Jim Glennon, ex TD and now professional lobbyist"

Jim was impressed with our presentiaon and mentioned that TDFC are new and fresh, very professional in their appraoch, are very focused in their objectives and have public support. Jim has comitted to TDFC to lobby on our behalf and we trust will do so effectively. We thank Jim and Seamus for taking the time at their own expense to meet with us.

"Killarney Protest"

Taxi Drivers For Change visited the kingdom to meet with our supporters from Killarney and Tralee, Cork and Limerick. A workshop had been arranged by the taxi regulater to discuss their agenda for further propping up the goodbody report ie addressing enforcement issues and providing better access to services for people with additional needs (wheelchairs etc). Taxi Drivers For Change and its supporters told the regulater that the taxi industry would not engage with her until her remit had been expanded to include a negotiation footing and an appeals process and any further directives issued by her office would be ignored until we have achieved this. We further mentioned to her that we knew that to achieve this would require a change in primary law and therefore the person we need to speak to is Minster Dempsey. The Taxi Regulater will be attempting to conduct a similar exercise in Carrick on Shannon next Monday, WE'LL be there.

"People before profit"

Taxi Drivers For Change attended the launch of people before profit's alternative economic agenda held in Dublin. Taxi drivers concerns were highligthed to the attending delegates who are very sympathetic to our cause. We urge all our supporters to consider people before profit's candidates in the upcoming local elections.

"Jim Higgins"

Taxi Drivers For Change attended a recent meeting of the largest trade unions in Ireland hosted by long time supporter of our campaign JIm Higgins. Again the treatment of the Taxi industry was highlighted and the concensus of the meeting was that how we were conducting our campaign was "an example to all". We recomend you support Jim in his efforts to gain a seat in Europe, there can be no better individual advocate working on our behalf in Europe.

"Labour Taxi policy"

Taxi Drivers For Change attended the launch of the Labour parties Taxi industry policy document "hailing a new taxi service". Taxi Drivers For Change had direct input into the formation of this document and while we would not agree with all of the document, the vast majority of it is positive and progressive toward the Taxi industry. We are greatly impressed with the Labour Parties willingness to listen and engage with our industry, their policy document reflects much of the industry opinion and so we urge you to consider favourably all Labour candidates in upcoming elections. You can download this document from the Labour Parties web site, have a look its worth the time. On the editors personal note, we wish our friend, colleague, supporter and chairman of the Galway Taxi association, Enda O Rourke success in the upcoming local elections in Galway.

"Fine Gael"

We have made inumeral attempts to arrange a meeting with Fine Gael and all have failed so far. We have no idea what , if any, their policy is in regard to our industry and can only lament their unwillingness to engage with us as a lost opportunity on their behalf in this present political atmosphere.

"Fianna Fail"

As all will know, our campaign has been directed against Fianna Fail, its Goverment and Minister who we hold responsible for our present circumstances. However in an effort to leave no stone unturned we will be meeting Bertie Ahearne next week to see if anything can be salvaged, theres always hope! (do the lotto and pray to the lord)


Taxi Drivers For Change Were invited to a meeting with Declan Ganly and Caroline Simmons of Libertas which we attended. Declan demonstrated a clear concise and knowledgable policy positiion on the issues affecting our industry in a European context and we were very impressed with the the agenda Libertas wish to pursue on our behalf. Again we urge our supporters to consider this when they go to the polls it will be a vote well made in all of our interests.

"The Irish Cancer Society"

A delegation from Taxi Drivers for Change met with the Irish Cancer Society to discuss the impact of our participation in their recent daffodil day fundraising event. The society professed to be "delighted" with the extra media exposure our participation brought and were convinced that this helped them to be well on there way to achieving their fiundraising targets for this year.

"Road safety Authority"

Taxi Drivers For Change will be meeting with the RSA on Monday 25/05/09 to clarify the RSA position with regard to the safety of Taxi drivers being behind the wheel for 12 to 15 hours per shift


  1. Brilliant. it is only a matter of time before we do something similar here in NYC. Times are changing rapidly ...yor you tube vid was a blast !! Be safe brother , sending good karma honks from NYC so things get better !

  2. Hi John youtube videos were cool!
    (if you want to make them smaller change the sizes in the embed code (find a size you like and then copy it for future use)