Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Let there be Music

This is the outside,look at all the parking spaces

The drumming section....BOOM BOOOM !!

The electric guitar section and another room for amps.

Accoustic section for all the folkie types.

How did I get on with my flat wheel you ask?
New tyre on Monday and had all the hubs treated with a copper based grease to stop them sticking again.

If you have a car with alloys this is your wake up call, don't be caught down a long lane in heavy rain trying to take off your fused wheel, pay the tyre man a few bob now to help you out.

Yesterday was a big day for me.
It was a day where music played a big part.

I was asked to pick up clients at 11 O Clock and take them to a music store with a difference and then home again.

This will be a mecca for my son David who is a drummer.

It is in an industrial unit where there is loads of parking and loads of choice.

Then for the evening I went to see Bob Dylan at the O2.
The first record I ever bought was a Bob Dylan 45 RPM EP (kids today don't even know what records are)I didn't even have a record player at the time.
I never saw him live and he played for 2 hours, he was sharp as a blade he was all there all of the time.
The only thing was that the songs were mostly played to new tunes,my wife kept telling me things like "its like a rolling stone"

The guys who had the concession stand at the venue went a bit mad e30 for tee shirts and e20/e30 for small posters.
Outside the venue Posters were e3 and tee shirts e10.
I will save my money to replace the missing CDs.
Sometimes they say "Never meet your hearos"

The venue is terrific no poles blocking your view and a great sound and lighting system. Good ventelation too.

Hope to go back there again sometime.

School will soon be over and I will not have to get David my teenager son out of bed for the summer.
Early starts will I hope boost my income before my summer holidays come around. Its Cyprus this year. The Greeks are very friendly people.

I have the guide book ready and I will be working at my dancing

I remember this one..

Now everyone together..

The fire dance I will leave to others.

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