Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well today the new bridge "The Samuel Beckett" squeezed its way through the East Link bridge and now rests close to its final resting place.

No easy task as the new bridge was 2 ft wider than the opening of the East Link, so they had to wait for a high tide to lift the new bridge high enough to scrape through the space.

No scrapes though to either bridge.

Fair play to the Dutch they can do things in engineering and shipping.

Back to taxi tales.

Here is a good link that explains our situation very well.

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From the comments
Angry West Coast Canuck from Canada writes: What you don't mention is that when taxis were regulated, a taxi license could cost well over $200,000 (IRE 100,000) and were considered "sound investments" by those who drove the taxis. They knew they could always sell it for decent return when they wanted to retire.

The deregulation bankrupted many of those people who had licenses already, and last I heard the government did nothing to help them. Several people had just purchased licenses when the government deregulated, after having assured everyone they wouldn't. Of course, attempts to hold the government to its promises were, as far as I know, unsuccessful.

Just some background.
Then John Fitzparick gives me this piece.

Dublintaxis ? That's a bit close.
A good article I would concede.

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