Monday, May 04, 2009

May day

Uncle Sams House in Ballsbridge

This is a shopfront in Obamas Moneygall, where his Irish roots are.

Well shit happens!
I would have become all hot and bothered at one time , this weekend I let it all flow over me.

I got a flat wheel and the alloy was fused to the hub, took a few blows from a sledgehammer to get it off,so a bit of grease will have to go on the hub next time to prevent the same thing happening agsin.

Next problem I had was that the big spare wheel won't fit the car with the nuts supplied. The nuts have a big washer which is fitted to the nut and the area surrounding it won't allow the nuts on.

Only one word for that and it is not a polite one.

I have a "Plugging" tool but I can't find it and all the shops are closed for the weekend.

The tyre places are closed too, even that lad in Cabra wouldn't answer the door.

On Monday I met a lad in an AA van, "simple enough, he will be able to help me".

"Yes I do have a plugging tool, but as you are not a member I can't help you, anyhow I only have a few plugs"

I said I will pay you, to no avail..

One of these nights there is going to be rain and hailstones and you, you asshole will be the one that needs a hand.

The AA was bought over by a Venture Capital company a few years ago, they stripped out the assets and raked up its debts and then sold it on,It is a shell of its former self.
Many insurance companies now give free breakdown service now, So boyo the fact that I have been off all weekend will effect you in the end more than me.
As I drove out from the Omni center a second van had pulled up and the 2 lads sat in the front of one van chatting, a wise use of resources.

Happy May day,,I am going to see Bob Dylan tomorrow, hope he remembers.


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    if you've an AA MEMBER with you they're obliged to help

  2. No you missed the word"not"
    But as he "Could" as one might do but he "Didn't".


    I have been to the witch doctor, he will be getting a Boyle on his backside around now.