Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter


And again

Dublin's Greek Orthodox church

Speed camera opposite Odd Bins on the Clontarf Rd

Happy Easter to all my Christian riders!
Oh yes we are a multicultural society now.
I saw the people coming out of the Greek church in Arbour hill, "Christ is risen hallelujah"
Anyhow a bit of religion would do no harm.

One thing about taxi driving is that you have time to think and to meet people from different strata of society that you would not normally mix with.
The other morning on Friday at 8.30 I met 3 girls and a guy completely stoned out of their minds.They got in and spent 15 minutes discussing where they were going.
The ladies looked like models low cut blouses and suntan all over.
So we headed off to Baggott St for food. They went into the shop while I stretched my back. When they came back I asked where the other girl was? She was asleep on the back seat.Then the conversation began all over again as to where we were going ?
So we went to one of the girls houses and the guy got out first. One of the girls leaned forward and gave me e50, "Take of the girls and bring them home and keep the change"
So when we arrived at their destination both girls were getting out, (nothing is worse than being stuck with a sleeping beauty in the back of your taxi. You can't shake them awake or even touch them and you spend 1/2 an hour at least at a police station trying to get a copper to waken them up).
So one of the girls tried to pay me and when I said I had been paid and I was told to keep the change she got very stern and demanded to know how much I had been given.
I told her that I had been given enough and I was told to keep the change, I also added that if I was a dishonest person I could have taken the money she had offered me as well when she was getting out.
She just walked away half carrying her sleepy friend.

It makes me wonder what effect all the drink and drugs would be having on their bodies, beautiful and all as they were.

On the other hand I had a girl coming back from a job interview.
How she managed she did not know. "They are spoiled for choice" she said
She told me about how her boss had started up a new business.
Things were very slow in the beginning and there was a lot of food wasted.
The taxman decided to tax him on the amount of food he was buying and not on the sales figures.
I told her about a very famous case which went to the high court in Britain.
He had lost an earlier case.
They explained to the judge that the revenue were in effect calling them liars but they could produce records of every piece of meat and fish and veg that went through their restaurant.
The judge asked the tax man if he had any experience in the catering trade ?
Or could he prove that any figures presented were fraudulent?
The answer to both was no.
So the taxman lost and the costs were awarded against the inland revenue. The costs were in the millions too.
So the lesson is keep a record of your transactions.

Just in case you missed this

Probably the best piece of Tango music ever played


  1. Happy Easter ! ..and writers no income tax eh ?? I'll have to lobby for bloggers on my side of the pound knowing this ! Lol Cheers !