Monday, April 11, 2011

London part 2

Portabello Road the song says goes on for miles and miles.

This wonderful carpet shop is owned by a gentleman from Persia, he told me that some of these carpets have been worked on by as many as 200 people.
While we we were talking a girl from Kazakhstan came in and she recognized a pattern.
She did not flinch at the price either,she said she would measure up and come back.
Her home is North East of the Caspian sea, righ in the middle of old Russia.
The owner explained to me about his carpets, from China, Afghanistan, Turkey and Persia.Tapestries made with pure silk threads that came from China.
All hand made. A great hour well spent talking with him.

A wedding party walking down the Portabello road, the leader had the wedding cake!

A Model shoot is taking place, no one knew who it was, I said it was some kind of con job, everyone thought so too.

Zimbabwe House

Price Waterhouse and Coopers

The site of t5he first Bethlahem mental hospital. This is where the expression "They were making Bedlem" the noise from the mental hospital. Beside Liverpool St. Station

This is a refreshment hut for taxi drivers, the people running it were pleasent enough. The structures are rare though.

Car numbers

Spanish students celebrate their first days of freedom in style.

Sunday protest at Zimbabwe house.

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  1. There's a wonderful bit of irony in putting a picture of Cat Stevens a/k/a Yusuf Islam next to a bunch of Persian rugs. HA!