Monday, April 18, 2011

Ladies, please use taxis more often

Well if I don't go to hell for that.

I will head there for this.

I bet this kid has never been in McDonalds.


Remember this ?

The Olympics in London are coming up this Summer, they are looking for part time staff.

Schools are off now for Easter, the courts are finished.
Normal people are on their break.
So It is quiet,what else is new?

Just getting myself back into shape after my second weekend break, I visited my other son in Northern Ireland. Just in case you thought that the Toyota Prius was no good on long journeys, I got an average of 18.4 Kms to the liter over a 300km journey. I was driving at well over 100 Kms Per hour most of the time, that is really a really good result.

There was something coming up for sale on Ebay on Sunday while I was at my son's house. I had missed a similar item at an earlier auction.
So I got a lesson on how it should be done.
First look to see how many bids were made so far? 20 "Dad why did you bid so early? You don't place a bid until the very end. watch and learn"
So 3 hours went to 2 and there were no other bids, then 1 hour 2 more bids. Then 30 mins left
20 Mins 5 mins one more bid.
Then with 30 seconds to go he wrote in his bid, but he didn't press the button until 5 seconds to go. "Confirm bid" 4 3 2 and then he hit the button on the last second..The screen flickered .
So now I know how it's done.
Cat and mouse..You wait..If you bid on and on it gives them the chance to come back and you pay a lot more.
Now it's out to the door every morning to see has the post person brought my parcel.

Today I met a writer her book is coming out soon and she has a second one on the way,
her name was Kathleen McMahon. But no doubt we will hear her on the radio in the coming weeks.

It seems as though that row at the hotels is set to continue,

Probably the best known pub in the World

Driver gets nabbed and his roof sign taken away.

Usually when you roll something as good as this its illegal !

Apple blossom on my apple trees


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