Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring in all her glory

A Gargoyle at Christchurch

Footsbarn theater is on click here
The big top is behind the O2, hidden away. its €20 a ticket and that is not a hell of a lot. City center to Sutton!

The weather over here is fantastic at present, the flowers are popping up all over the place and the trees are all in full bloom. Last week I was in the garden and saw a Red Admeril butterfly, these tiny creatures come here for the summer from hundreds of miles away. My cousin who lives in the country tells me that the swallows are back, the swallows which come to Ireland travel from South Africa.
What a trip for such a small creature. Nature really is incredible.

You would have to marvel at the pace of technology too. Not long ago there were no computers to speak of. The first game was tennis with a white dot which popped over and back. then Pac Man.
It seems like no time at all.
Now we have my son in Dublin playing a shooting/war game against his brother in London. Skype and email are here not to forget eBay.
Whatever you want you Google and a few days later it's at the door.
My big purchase from last week arrived today in perfect order.

A few months ago I had a lady in the taxi who dropped an earring. She was proof reading a book for her niece, the novel was on a computer.I went back at the time to find her with no luck.Now Dublin is a small town so I am going to contact the lady who was mentioned as her aunt in the newspaper article and ask her if it is her "diamond" I know it is safe here in the house somewhere.

Talk about long shots. A guy went to the races and puts €10 on a horse which won.
He buys into the Paddy Power Irish poker classic at the Burlington and yes he won, can't find the amount, but it was not far short of €500,000

The royal wedding is all the talk on the telly. All this will be followed by a royal visit of the British Queen.
Half of the budget for running the police force for the entire year will be used up,Barrack Obama is coming as well, so there will be no money left in the kitty for sure, perhaps we will have to ask the ECB to pay for it all.

Dublin will be shut down for the duration of these visits.
I should have arranged to go away for that period,at least I would have a bit of peace.

Hows about this for a workout !.

OK If you have been here before you would know Chris Bliss.
So click here !
I must have seen this 100 times, it is still great.
Notice how everyone stands up at the end.A great act for sure.

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