Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who is Terry Prone ?

This could be Terry giving advice to taxi drivers.

Do you remember the writer who was going to meet Terry Prone for a coaching session?
She was really a big hitter, her name was Karhleen McMahon and she got an advance of €569,453 for her first novel."This is how it ends" Add to that the foreign royalties and she is minted! Not to mention the film rights.Her grandmother is Mary Lavin the short story writer and her aunt is Caroline Walsh the litary editor of the Irish Times. So she has it in her genes.
Terry Prone gives you advice on how you should handle yourself in an intervew situation.
Terry has been in my taxi at least twice, she is dead sound, really good at what she does.

In Ireland if you are a writer you pay no income tax ! Yes, it goes back to the days of C.J. Haughey, he wanted to encourage writers and artists into Ireland.

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