Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picket on the Burlington

Well it has come to pass.

There is now a picket on the Burlington hotel.

The history of the story is that Cab 2000 have 2 taxis parked at the door of the hotel.
Guests coming out just get into the taxi.
Problem is that there is a taxi rank 25 meters away on the street.
It is also an offence to ply for hire IE. stand and wait at any place which is not a rank.
The TThC asked to speak to the hotel manager and the local Garda and the taxi regulator was not very helpful either.

So now there will be feathers flying if this problem is not resolved.

People who run these hotels think they can run rough shod over everyone, just like they do to their migrant workers.

A bit sexist

Remember when hair was as big as this ?

The amazing sideways riding bicycle


This car I spotted driving around cameras filming. Moving traffic violations.

Just while I am at it Tango Fire is in London in the Peacock theater on Portugal St.
A MUST to see


  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    John, What's the difference between the Burlo and Dublin Airport? If you want to ply for hire at Dublin Airport you have to pay Dublin Airport Authourity 400 Euro per year as it is private property.If you don't pay you can't park for hire there. The Burlo is private property. Cab 2000 has paid the Burlo for the right to use their private property for business. A taxi can't ply for hire in a PUBLIC place unless it is at a taxi rank. The Burlington hotel is on PRIVATE property. Just like Dublin Airport. Just like the Plaza Hotel in Tallaght. The Plaza hotel invite Tallaght Cabs to ply for hire there on their property.

  2. Well anon. Just because something is legal dosen't make it fair or right.
    One story I heard was that a manager from the Burlo got into a taxi at the rank and was abused because he was going to St.Stephens Green. It is said the driver told him to get a taxi going past, because he had queued for 1 1/2 hours.
    Really there will have to be a cull, perhaps the over 60s should be sent to live on a pension to Barbados.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    John, You got me wrong. I completey dissagree with it. I was just pointing out the way things are going. It's not right and it's not fair. Where will it end? I like your idea of the over 60s living on a pension in the sun. That's me. Where do I sign up? :)

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Same as the four seasons hotel. Try to get on the rank outside the Burlington ... it's dog eat dog in the taxi business and this is how the taxi regulator wanted it.

  5. Anonymous5:42 PM

    the taxi regulator let pretty much anyone who wanted to, to drive a taxi in dublin. She was being paid 560,000 a year for making a total mess of the taxi industry on behalf of fianna fail

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