Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rumblings at the rank

statue in City west Ballyfermot

Dublin's newest Ghost bike

Big bell, I hope it never goes off.

Caught in a time warp

Coming soon.

The problem in the Burlington rumbles on.
It is private property.
You must have a permit to pick up at the airport, The Square in Tallagh and there is an illegal rank directly opposite the front door of the D4 hotels. Jurys in Christchurch also have "Priority" taxis which do not wait at the rank.
I do not agree with all these goings on.


To quote none other than Albert Einstein
"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them"

Or to quote myself.
"Some days you are the pigeon,on other days you are the statue"

Today was a great day for me!
I had at least 4 runs where I picked up again just after dropping off the passenger.
It is fantastic when it happens.
One lady was going to Toronto Canada.
Then another off to a wedding in her old private school St Colombas college high in the Dublin mountains.It was a good drive and we exchanged a lot of information during the trip. She is a newspaper editor in Germany and we covered many topics during the journey. Bill Gates had been at a dinner she attended a few weeks earlier and she managed to have an opportunity to talk to him, she is very impressed with him.
For myself I think for the Germans the re unification of Germany was a wonderful achievement. Re building the old East, entire city's, airports, power stations, new infrastructure etc. While at the same time absorbing the east German mark. This action in effect devalued the Deuchemark.
"You just got it done!"
She looked great too, all done up with a big feather in her hair,her legs newly tanned in Egypt for the occasion.
"this is where I was caught smoking" she said as we entered the college.
"Just to look at you you would think butter wouldn't melt in your mouth"
She smiled in a wistful way as I am sure it has been many years since she heard that expression.
I have often heard it said by my father and my mother, that going to a wedding is the makings of another. (Irish song)

Then I met a crew from New Zealand who are over here for the world dancing championships.It took 3 taxis to bring them all to their destination.
One suitcase was very heavy and the lady told me it was full of food !
"We were told that food was really expensive here."

So they brought a suitcase full of food from New Zealand.

Later on when I was heading home for my own food when I picked up 2 tough Dublin men.
One was as fit as a fiddle with big muscles. The chat came round to all the new buildings. When I asked if he had been away, he said he had been doing time. Big time.
"I came home from work to find me wife in bed with another man,so I shot him".
That explained the muscles, years spent in the gym pumping iron.

That is the second time I had a guy who was just out of prison for murder in the taxi, the other guy lived in Ringsend.

I found this today I thought you would like to see it.

It only has a little bit of taxi in it.

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