Sunday, September 26, 2021

A trip to explore the mentally disturbed

 Sometimes you say something which unleashes a flow of thought that you had not expected.

He had worked in bars around Dundalk and he had come across a few lads who were active members of the IRA. He told me about methods that they use to recruit new members. Really interesting. He also spoke of Narcissism and how a girlfriend he had gave him a really hard time. Then he gave me the name of a box set Surviving Narcissism and another book called the psychopath test. The box set I downloaded on to Kindle and I have read a few chapters already.Sometimes you would need the help of books like this to get you through the day.

Bolt the taxi app is great, it doubled my income today. The first job I got I did not use it properly so I did not get paid. Down at Heuston train station there was a representative from FreeNow trying to recruit drivers and I told him of my gripe with the company. "I will fix everything" he said. "You will charge me 15% commission and not speak to me when I have a problem. Bolt only charges me 10% and they are happy to listen". Most companies when they reach a certain point loose their compass point and go off course.

A wonderful lady from Peru going to Vincents hospital. I asked if she was visiting, but no she was the patient. Going for radio therapy. We do not treasure our good health while we have it. I said a prayer to my God to bring you good health and happiness.

2 guys from Waterford going to the Mater hospital "Did you guys ever hear a person from Newfoundland talking?" They had never heard the accent. A truly broad Wexford accent.

They went every summer from Wexford to Canada to fish for cod which were salted and put into barrels. The British would capture the Wexford sailors and put them into the navy. So one year they decided to stay on.The winters are really cold in Canada and in the program I heard they asked an old Escamo. Were those Wexford men who settled here in the beginning tough?

"Tough ! They would go out on the ice and fish for hours. We couldn't do that.

They were fecking Polar bears."

I had a barrister in the car and he told me about a Garda cursing and shouting abuse at the taxi driver. He decided he would protect the driver and the Garda turned his wrath on him.

"Who the fuck are you anyway?" On hearing that he was a barrister he backed off.

I will make a report he told me.

He was surprised that I told him that this was common enough, 

Time to sack a few of the bad ones

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