Friday, September 03, 2021

Licence renewal time

 Well I thought that my licence renewal appointment was today, but I just got a  text that it was yesterday ! So back on the roundabout to start over again to make another appointment.

This procedure is called a suitability test.

Fire extinguisher ? Is it in date? Check. Then first aid kit are the plasters in date? Check.

Tinted windows ? (The latest No No) Check!and so it goes on.

Here is a gripe that I had with the driving test people and the road safety authority which I was assured was noted and sorted. 

Reversing around a corner? Is part of the test, So on Mount Prospect Ave they ask the candidate to reverse into Dollymount Ave which is which is 20 ft from a blind bend. Traffic coming around the corner are faced head on with cars overtaking this poor sod doing this dangerous maneuver. So I wrote 3 times and then I got a reply. "Thank you so much, this will never happen again and all the testers have been informed not to use this location"

Well they were doing it yesterday !!!!!

I will tell the story again from a guy who used to sit beside me in school. He became a ships radio officer and one day on the emergency waveband he saw a ship leaving Zeeberger with his front door wide open (Bow doors) They were 20 minutes out of the port so he sent them the call to close the bow doors now or the wash from any passing ship would sink him.

Disaster averted. It happened again. But one night as a ship approached the Belgium port they passed another ship in the dark going out and the wash from the other sank the Herald of free enterprise, the ship, cars trucks and people were lost. But at the inquest it all came out. "I didn't know" was proven to be untrue as all the calls on the emergency waveband are recorded and stored and re played. The reason to leave the doors open was to clear smoke from the car decks. Nothing that a good fan could not do.

So will I rattle off another email to the road safety authority? 

Or will I save my breath to cool my porridge?

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