Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Halloween around the corner

 Halloween is coming up, time to dress up and have fun.

Not many people know that it is an Irish thing. A night for the dead to rise up and walk the earth. When it hit America it really took off. But it started here.

I went into the Hq of Bolt a taxi calling app and signed up.

When the first taxi app came along I joined it with great enthusiasm it was called Hailo, then it became MyTaxi and it changed name again to become FreeNow. Along wit changing name they also cared less about their drivers. Well they take a percentage of your taxi fare 15%

plus they used to take that 15%from your tips as well.

My gripe with them is that my car was wrapped with the MyTaxi logo and I went to have a screen fitted at a price of e50. When I went out the guy said that it would cost e100 because I had My Taxi logos on the car. I had removed the word my from the car so it was Taxi,Taxi.

No compromise there, so I paid and twice tried to get them to change their minds.I even wrote a letter to the manager marked private. He has not replied.

So today I joined Bolt and the app looks really good, the staff are friendly, so I feel it will be a goer.. So download Bolt on your fone, it works in many European citys. 

Drivers they are on 17 Percy Place, hook up with them.

There was a kid in the car on Sunday and she was rehearsing the alphabet right to Z, all the questions 20 to the dozen. I had to ask her mother. 

"She is nearly 2" What a knockout kid.

I saw another woman who was with 4 kids. I remember her. She is a traveler and when I brought her to Ballyfermot  years ago she was en route to America for a wedding, but she had no passport and had come back to Dublin to get one. She wanted to fly out the next day and she had brought very few papers with her.I doubt if she ever made it.

She was a very bright lady I guess her mind was on a different track.

There is really very little work out there I got 2 airport runs which are a bonus one off to California and the other off to Poznan in Poland. I often wonder if there are any plain girls in Poland as all the ones who came here are so pretty and well educated. They make shopping in Aldi and Lidll a pleasure. They are capable of much better jobs. 

God bless them all.

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