Thursday, September 30, 2021

I am looking for a yoke !

I am sure this happens to everyone, you are looking for something and you don't know what its called. Its made of plastic and its orange, 2 ft.long with a scoop at the end. You use it to clear gully's.Ah yes said Mr Edge its called a gully gobbler and you can get it in Kellys building  supplys around the corner. I have 3 gullys around the back of my house all partially blocked.

In 20 minutes they are all freed again.Adam Clayton of U2 fame took his stage name The Edge from the hardware shop in Fairview. 

The photo below is the Google HQ

A teckie guy in the taxi listened to me while I complained how Google staff demand fixed prices and other concessions and with everything on the card they do not tip.

His answer still has me wondering. "When you work for a high profile company like Google you are entitled to discounts and you would be foolish not to avail of them" So I must give the highly paid discounts and their company do not pay their fair share of tax into the bargain

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