Thursday, September 09, 2021

The devil might grant you wishes.

 You might remember a friend of mine from Africa was shocked when I said that I wished that I might win the Lotto. She was really upset and told me that a Njen might grant your wish and then it would destroy you in return. John you are the happiest person I know and all that money would take away all your joy.

A friend of mine won £4.5 million in old money and he let people know, he was hounded out of the country and he was a nice guy. Nice enough to be taken advantage of.

A lady in Northern Ireland was found dead in her house.She won £31 Million 2 years ago and gave away a lot of her fortune, but sadly there was no plan B.

The Lotto was €30 million that night and I checked my ticket.

Its a winner !

So later that night I checked it again, I slept well and in the morning it was still a winner. So I got my passport, driving licence and bank details and into the Lotto Hq. The girl took the ticket and said you won a ticket to the Millionaires raffle. 

I told them that the message should be you have won a prize, which is so different from Its a winner.

Just so you know the message has not been changed.

If you are a regular to my blog you will know of the greatest person that I ever met Chuck Feeney look him up.

I met him at a landmark moment in his life. He invented duty free shopping and became a multi billionaire. But he decided rather than live the high life that he would give away all his wealth to help people, but in secret. His first big thing he did was to build Limerick university, lots of scholarships, research into Cancer and Altzimers the satisfaction that he must have felt must have would been immense.

In Vietnam he was horrified to see the destruction and the injured people. To cut a long story he built a 200 bed hospital and he paid for the running of it for a period.
Well Mr.Obama brought out a law which would identify who was donating to other political partys. You could not give away more than 2,000 dollars without declaring who you were.
So I drove him to a press conference without knowing anything and the next day. I found that he had donated 8 Billion dollars to make our lives better. I stayed in touch with him for around 10 years, funny to say I still remember a lot of things he told me. 
What a guy.
I lost touch with him a few years ago when he closed down Atlantic Philanthropies which was his method for giving out the money.

So I am about to record a talking version of "the Steering wheel university"as I have found that modern people do not read books. One big advantage that the talking book will have is that there will be no spelling mistakes (The book has 2)


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  2. how are you doing John? Long time no talk he he