Sunday, September 05, 2021

What have John Deer Tractors and Apple computers got in common?

 My first born who lives in London came home for a very special birthday 40th.

We chatted and an interesting topic came up. John Deer tractors and Apple computers cannot be repaired by anyone but their own workshops. So the old John Deer is the biggest seller in the States and some agents can be hundreds of miles from the farm.

Now there is a court case going on in the courts to outlaw this practice.

Apple and a few others realize if they win this case any handy buck o who is handy with a soldering iron will be fixing their computers, and the tractors as well.

On the way home the boat was late which meant that people missed their trains.

So Irish Ferries paid for taxis to bring them to London  around 161 miles nice enough job, but it was a fixed price. And he had to drive home empty. 

Expecting a packet from DHL and I was out on Thursday so I missed them.I have been getting spam messages for the last few days. Pity is that they have not put a note in the post box with my tracking number.

Some companies when they get to a certain size they start to implode. I went out to their HQ and there was no one there and no post box at the office door,

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