Wednesday, September 29, 2021

How lucky I am

 I had a lady in the car up to Raheny yesterday. She spoke of this and that and then she told me about how she was sent to a heart specialist and after he examined her he told her that she was wasting his time, you are perfectly well and sent her on her way. 3 weeks later she had a heart attack, lucky for her she was in the right place when it happened. 

If that was me I know 2 very high level solicitors and I would squeeze him for a good few bob.It is always useful to know people, that is why taxi driving widens the scope of your acquaintances.Thinker,Taylor,Soldier or Spy.

Tomorrow I have to go and have my bloods taken, blood pressure etc.

That time of life !!!!!

I had a lovely lady from S. America going to Vincents hospital, she spoke about how Bit coins worked. It is a thing that I do not believe in. I think it is like a Ponzi scheme, it keeps going while people keep putting money in. Who do you chase when it goes wrong?

So I said are you visiting? No I am a patient, a pause and then she that she was going for chemo therapy. Poor child. 

I will tell you about Ann Walsh in Australia, she was a nurse and she had a cyst on he ovaries so they went to operate.Sadly it was cancer and it was attached to her liver and her ovaries, the type of cancer was inoperable, so they sent her home.

Now she is a fighter and she took on the Bristol clinic diet plus meditation and after a couple of more depressing visits to the hospital she stopped going there. The cancer stopped growing after a time and started to reduce in size. Then she got pregnant and had a difficult time. But she chanced to continue with the pregnancy, the baby boy was born and the cancer took off again. She passed the child over to her sister and went back to her regime. Then the cancer stopped again. Then it got smaller and smaller until it is gone completely. The baby is 30 years old and she is healthy and surrounds herself with her grandchildren.

Stress is a big factor in our modern lives and we need to reconnect with nature.

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