Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take That

One of the heads from the Customs House

Juan Tamariz, the great Spanish Magician

Speed detector van

6 AM and now I get to stop and wind down,going like the clappers all night.
What is seldom is wonderful..
We were busy there was a concert in Croke Park "Take That".
It must have been a great show as everyone was happy, the weather was brilliant too.
When there is a big concert on the people head into town, when they find that there are few taxis around they head for the pubs and make a night of it which spreads the work through the night, great.
At the height of the rush I picked up 3 girls going to Clondalkin, Tallagh and Saggart e63, this trip took an hour out of my night but there was still work in town when I got back, often all you see is empty chip bags rolling in the wind like tumbleweed when you get back..
I was feeling peckish around 2.30 so I went into Burgrer King on Baggott St.
The meat patty was cold when I bit into it, so I went back to complain.
The Indian guy was having none of it.
"Its hot,not cold I just cooked it now"

Listen carefully...Never send food back to the kitchen as SOME cooks SPIT on your dinner and then send it back, with a big smile "Enjoy your meal sir,I am so sorry"

So I trumped his card.."Refund please"
And while he scraped around in the till for my money I let fly with, "You must think I have little enough to do without having to deal with bad service as well"
So I didn't get to eat until just now...Veggie ready meal from Aldi for around e2.!

My final fare was up into the Dublin mountains above The Three Rock Pub.
Just as the sun came up I went on up the mountain a couple of hundred feet for the view.
Dublin looked majestic with all the lights shimmering and from there it covers the whole horizon.
There were deer grazing in the field beside me but some waster had dumped a load of rubbish into the field, the scumbag.

You know from Lamb Doyles pub, The summit in Howth, Stepaside, Bohar na buiane grave yard and a few other vantage points around Dublin you should stop.Turn off your engine and take 10 minutes to take in the view, It is a tonic for the soul.

It kinda refreshes your spirit in a good way.

I was coming around Mountjoy Sq as the concert was starting, the lights changed so I stopped. I got a green light and as I drove on a taxi broke the lights. I blew the horn and he made a rude gesture.
What happened next was worth money.
An unmarked police car from behind me turned on the siren and he was nabbed.
I could see by the attitude of the Garda that this one would stick, there would be no warning.

That other car from last week, overtaking on the inside and swinging right and left through the lights, I saw him again twice ,,he sure is a bad driver.

I don't know if I told you about this website for photographs.Just when I checked in on the website I found photos of people in Eritrea Look here
One of my sons friends is there helping with humanitarian aid just now..It is a hard world for some people for sure.Not all young people are wasters for sure, you have only to give them the chance to be good.

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