Friday, June 05, 2009

Aprez bank holidays

Second hand shoes for sale Cumberland St Market
Poverty never went away.

Now where did you see this lepracaun.

I know I have given you more than one of these before. It must have taken him some time to work it all out. 20 years perhaps?

Well Summer came back this weekend as we know it. Rain, strong winds,small craft weather warning. But it made no difference to the amount of work available. (at least to me) People are broke after the bank holiday weekend last week.
There is only one thing worse than an empty taxi read on

Look If 10 taxis are outside a club,each driver might get a job every 20 mins.
But if there are 100 (Ten times more than should be there) then the wait is longer and the chances of getting a ticket are much higher.
I give thanks to the taxi drivers for change who have really put the pressure on the political party's coming up to the elections.
The usual response from the soldiers of destiny was "silence".
The result is that they got hammered.

As the poster at the Point show Napoleon said "He who marches without the people marches into the night" (Alone)
Perhaps things will start to change.
But we. as full time taxi drivers must give the TDFC support or no change will come.

Just got the Sunday Times on page 7 there is Tommy Gorman showing a fake roof sign which was bought just by giving the number to a fitter. e850 and off you go, roof sign meter printer and all.
The figures as to the taxi numbers in the report are a bit suspect. They say before deregulation there were 3900 taxis in Dublin. my old plate was 24** and they also say there are 14,000 taxis in Dublin I think it is more like 16,000.
Plus all the illegal ones.
The Garda say they are happy with the level of policing.

Only together will we ever have a voice.

It is time to stop complaining about our situation to our passengers too.

They are getting bored with the complaints, they have their 3 or 4 day weeks as well to contend with.
I had a fare out to Malahide the other night . A solicitor she was on a 3 day week and this night was the first night she had out with her mates in 2 months.
That is not good.

One thing which annoys me is that whoever wins these elections will be off on 3 months holidays in a few days time. All this at a time when the country needs a good strong hand on the tiller.

If I was in charge I would declare "All hands on deck to get the ship back from the rocks"

Or perhaps No one really cares.

I worked a few hours in the last few weeks and I feel better from the rest. "Stress can kill as quickly as a bullet"

There is only one life try to live it a little
if needs be do it on less.

Last week in the state exams a supervisor gave out the wrong paper for a few minutes which caused the sitting of that paper to be suspended until Saturday, when they sat a new paper. Except for the 10 Jewish children who had to be kept in isolation to sit it today. They didn't mention the Muslims of which there must be quite a few.
If you get a chance go to the Jewish Museum off the South Circular Rd.
Find out about George Bernard Shaw and why he is so important to the National Gallery while you are it.
Something to tell your guests about, your ability as a guide should be part of your PSV test.

What do you think?.

Well the painting is coming om fine another week will finish it off.
My place was beginning to look like Moose Millers back yard.
You can let things get out of hand. Work eat sleep work. WorkeatsleepworkWorkeatsleepworkWorkeatsleepworkWorkeatsleep
A bit of the James Joyce there.

In the throwing out scene.
My 2003 taxi insurance e2,850.

Ah the good old days.

I had a suggestion that I should renew my Airport permit for the summer.
Now why would I pay a fortune just to wait in Long Kesh for hours on end, when I know that a well rehearsed group jump the queue every day. The DAA will do nothing about it. Sure why would you wait 2 t 3 hours when you could just skip in at the top?
So Liz I won't be renewing my permit.

Perhaps something might be done now, I doubt it.

Did anyone see the shock horror report about people selling drugs down around Liberty Hall on the news?

Well everyone except the Garda knew.
It was strange to see them standing around the area arresting pushers for a few days.

I wonder will they be present on Monday?

Soon there will be a new fitness test for taxi drivers.
We want to be sure the new drivers will be fit for the job.

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