Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Standing down.

The convention center is open for bookings at last.

Look the new bridge is up on its base.

Ah the summer of 64 Beach Buggies and all that.

Taxi Drivers For Change

Kathleen Doyle has organised another one of her Workshops. This is to be held in Portlaise on Thursday 11th June and T.D.F.C
will be protesting again at this and are inviting our supporters to come along and protest with us.

Hope to see you there


Venue----Maldron Hotel Portlaoise
Time ----- 12pm

Well since I hit the big 60 I have started to re evaluate my life.
I am painting and getting my house back together.
I was chasing small change and losing control of my life in many ways.

I am like the actor "Resting" I will take 4 weeks off, my doctor has put put me on steroids, now I have a 38DD bust. No I kid you.
I know it is stress trying to make ends that can't meet come together.

But I like most of the Dublin taxi drivers need to divert my energy.

The government have received our wake up call, this is the way to go.

You might have been treated like a donkey, but we are Lions...Not donkeys.

It is time to waken up and roar.

Anyhow boys and girls I am booking my flight to drive a Ferrari 360, next month. Something I always wanted to do.

This is the sequel to the other song when he was a taxi driver.

So onward and upwards, we have to keep the pressure up.

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