Friday, June 19, 2009

A little question for the Corpo.

Just something to keep you thinking.
You are driving down East Wall rd. Heading for Alfie Byrne Rd.
You have a green arrow saying its OK to go right.
Now this road is marked as being a main road which goes around the corner.
Now look at the second photo. A green light.
And Green means go?

Now this is the view coming the other way,remember the other side has a full green light and you are coming either head on or on to his left flank.

Well this is what Nial Bolger of Dublin Corpo,thinks I should know.


I bring your attention to page 82 of the rules of the road March 2007 addition re. traffic lights and signals.

It states that a green light is not a right of way, it is a licence to proceed with caution



Well I should also give you his first reply.


When turning from East Wall Road onto Alfie Byrne Road we provide a full green light and a dedicated right turn arrow in seperate phases.

When the full green light operates you should proceed with caution as stated in the rules of the road as traffic approaching from Annsley Bridge has right of way. No flashing amber light is required.


Niall Bolger

Assistant Intelligent Transport Systems Officer

Roads & Traffic Department

Well I did also report it to the road safety council who sent it to the Corpo again, that is a week ago now.

So If someone is killed there we can quote the rules of the road,,rather than put a flashing amber arrow instead of a full green light.

Its awful to think that someone will quote you the rules of the road to you rather than prevent a possible death by making a simple change.
My fear is a colision between a motorcycle or cyclist and a van or car.

Bit late for change then? eh.

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