Thursday, June 18, 2009

All dancing

Perhaps when you started off you rented a cab and became part of a big Taxi family, then one day you went to the depot to check out your car.....

Perhaps there is more to life than driving a taxi,lets try music.

Then put a few steps together.

Now you are getting into the swing of it.

Well if you have an extra skill you might have fun too.

Here is a couple who are all over U tube, but I am told that Andre is too stiff in his movements, I don't know.

Well you know when the orchestra is blindfolded that things take a rye twist.
What was the name of that movie??
But if you kept up the taxi driving you could become a taxi dancer.

Here is another clip of the taxi dancer. I had a link to his website up for ages.
I see he has not updated for a long time.
Tell him I sent ya for lessons!!

Did you read about the female Garda who made a melicous claim that a taxi driver attacked her?
Thanks to a persistent Garda she was found out and now could face 5 years in jail.
Oh its a wicked world all right.

Will you miss me when I am gone away?

See you in a few weeks.

Did you see the new Bicycle stands being put all over the city?
So there will be free bicycles, people whizzing around, not much work for taxis then.

Whats wrong with the bike ?

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  1. Anonymous1:30 AM

    enjoy your break john .chill and relax. get that well earned R+R .ill keep the fort