Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not too different here.

I had to go to the police station on Monday, high up in the mountains here in Crete.
When I was there a Scottish guy came in and tried to report a dangerous situation as he saw it.
Roadworks had been going on and traffic had been diverted to the right hand side of the road.(They drive on the left here)
That section was now completed the left hand lane was now back in use. But the line still showed the traffic coming to Pafos that they should head into the right lane with a continuous white line. He had seen a girl knocked off her motorbike and he didn't want to see anyone badly hurt.
It was a bit like some kind of comedy as he drew diagrams, the policeman adding a few waves onto the place where the sea was.
A second policeman stopped by.
"No that is not a police matter, it is the responsibility of the Municipal road authority"

He almost lost it. "Look if someone gets killed will it be a police matter then?

Give me an awns er?

You are just a heap of useless shit"

Off he went.

The second policeman came back in and told the first officer to bring him back in.

There it ended, by the time the first policeman got out the Scottish guy was gone.

I passed the spot today, nothing has been done to change anything.

There are hundreds of cones lying around, all it would take is to move 10 of them across to define the correct line of the road.

Is there not a crime called "Reckless endangerment?"
Knowingly placing persons in danger and doing nothing to protect them.

Perhaps the Scotsman and myself are "Pissing against the wind"

We are kidding ourselves.

The people in charge don't seem to care and when I published that piece about the junction on Alfie Byrne Rd no one commented.

The road safety council did not comment and the Dublin Corporation tells me that a green light means proceed with caution, even though the road on your left also thinks they have right of way.

Still if someone dies, will they sing a different song?

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