Monday, June 01, 2009

10,000 really HOT women.

We had a fantastic weekend here in Ireland.

Sunshine in abundance and the round the world yacht race in Galway.
Plus here in Dublin we had the Blooms festival in the Pheonix Park, gardening event.
The Dublin docklands festival and the woman's mini marathon.

10,000 really hot women took part.

All under brilliant sunshine.

I am having mouse trouble every 20 seconds the mouse goes dead, the only way to get it back is to unplug it and plug it back in, the result is no photos of those hot girls.
Next time I am sure it will be sorted.

Well we have survived the week in good shape. My wife keeps me busy getting the house ready for going away for the holidays, God forbid that a burglar should see the house in the state its in, while we are away.

I still think of the 2 girls I picked up in Rialto going to Brighton Square, there was a slight detour for cash and the conversation turned to "Where are you from?"
One was from Dublin the other from Latvia, she had been here 10 years. Then the Latvian girls phone rang and a sharp passionate exchange took place.
She tried to stab her boyfriend with a scissors today. "He hit me so I defend myself" said the Latvian...Then a detailed description of the battle followed, one thing for sure they were both lucky to be alive.

Another arranged fare to Johnstown just outside Naas to a PGA golf course, it was an oasis of manicured greens and fairways with a fantastic house in the grounds,as I was driving out there were some sparrows on the road when a sparrow hawk grabbed a bird, then regained his balance and flew off with the bird in its claws.Nature is cruel. All over in a second.
Again I have photos of the house, but no means of getting them on the web today.

Things are getting nasty, the taxi regulator got a bullet in the post and some taxis have had their tyres slashed at the airport staff car park.

Drivers are taking more chances to get that extra fare ahead of the other drivers.
Coming in from the airport yesterday on the old airport road a taxi overtook me on the inside as if to turn left into the industrial estate, then a sharp right and left and he was through the lights and he did pick up a fare 50 yards further on.
5 years ago you would never overtake another taxi going back into town, if one let you into traffic and you were hailed you passed the fare as it belonged to the guy who had let you out. These pups which are driving now would run you off the road, for sure. The only thing is that there is a lot of unmarked cars around and they will come to notice soon.

A big Garda check point near Heuston station gave ma a fare out past Clondalkin.
"The took me bleeedin car off me they did. Tax 3 months out of date. They took 3 other cars as well"
Our best money is made at other peoples times of chrisis.

Another big name in trouble is the king of swing MR Robbie Fox of Renards fame,
So Renards is gone and with it Browns Barn on the Naas rd. and Barracuda restaurant in Bray and Tante Zowe's in Temple Bar.I reckon around 4 mill is outstanding.
All small people will be caught, larger people tend to be tipped off that there is a shift in business and withdraw supply in time.

On Pierse St one night years ago a drug crazed girl ran in front of my taxi and blocked me. Then she got into my taxi and started to scream at me "Take me to Renards, I know the way, so don't you fuck with me"
She was really bad but when we got there she threw around 40p into my hand and headed in.
I tried to block her at the door telling the door staff (A Russian tough guy) that she hadn't paid the taxi fare. He Just let her in.
I said that she had not paid the taxi fare and I was getting the Police, I also said that she was on drugs and should not have been let in and I would be speaking to his boss.
Next thing I hear is a bloke calling me from the back of the taxi.."Look man just bring us home I will pay her fare as well."
Rich buggers they don't care for the little people for sure.

So there you are Renards no more.

Tonight while I was at Heuston waiting for the Galway train something happened.
When I moved forward the car behind me stayed where he was. I got out and waved at him to come up and fill the gap, guys further on the back not on the rank proper get fined every day, so its important that there are no gaps.
I then walked back to him and gave out to him, he was a black driver and took offence to being told to move up.The guy behind him was also black and he told me that he had flashed his lights and blown his horn at him to move.

The only reason he could have had to hold the gap was to allow another car to slip into the space, that might also explain why he would not move up when asked.

I hope I will get a few days off soon. I need the time off.


  1. Not loving all this sunshine, too hot and too much gardening

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