Friday, June 26, 2009

You leave the shop and then

Well here I am in 30 degrees of heat, you go away for a few days and everything starts to happen.Charlies Angel and Michel Jackson die. What next?.

It reminds me of the night Barrry White died.
I had this Australian girl in the car and I had the news on low, when I picked up the news of his death I turned up the radio.
"Whats that ? Barry White dead? I can't believe it, Oh My God. This is terrable news"
This went on for 10 minutes or more and I just had to cut in.
"Have you got your passport? or do you have to go home for it first?

It took a few "What do you mean? and I don't understand".

So I had to explain that she must surley be flying out for the funeral seeing as they were close.
Drink and drugs cloud the way we feel and act, nether she or I had ever met or known Barry White, to tell the truth I never even bought his greatest hits.

Funny to think about that night, she was telling me(before the news) they were buying an apartment where I was dropping her off. I said no way at all as there was a very rough element living in the area. That morning about an hour after she went in a man was stabbed to death in the lobby of the apartment complex.

Business here is not so good either I went into an Irish bar last night seating for 250/300 there was 8 people inside and a few women and kids outside.

There are very few guests staying in the hotel as well..I guess they are hoping that things will pick up in the future.
A frend of mine who is in the travel business told me in January that they had reduced capacity by %40. They felt that with the recession that no one would be going away and they didn't want to be stuck with holidays that no one wanted.
I had never thought that the Budget Travels and Sunways of this world don't own the hotels, they just buy rooms as the feel they might need them.

So until we meet again I must keep up the jet skiing canoeing and paragliding.
Your job will be to keep an eye on the lads in the Dail till they go on holidays.
Keep the other eye on Kathleen Doyle the Taxi deregulator.

No photos this issue. I hope no one gets killed on that East Wall junction before it is made right.

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  1. You know, the one I feel most sorry for is Farrah. She's dead for like, twenty minutes, and then is totally upstaged by little Michael. It just proves that old saying in show business about not going on with children or dogs.