Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Airport Taxis

With so many taxis in the city where do you go for work?

Lets try the airport.

Pay e 440 for a pass and off we go.

You arrive ! cars are coming from both roads, so you mesh together.

Then you enter "Mondello Park" named after a race track.
There is a slow race from now on.

Up the hill you go.

Then across.

Then Down the hill. "The grand old duke of York he had so many men that he marched them up......."

Down you go.

Until you see Long Kesh !

You have to go around the Kesh....

Final approach!

Now there are only 13 lanes of taxis ahead of you!!
Sweet Mother.

So you wait in line and then up you go.

Past the new terminal.

Then you arrive...only 30 cars in front of you now.

Looking back at the new terminal.

Then your customer comes and asks for Kealeys pub.....a e6 fare....after 3 hours waiting.
I am not taking the piss here lads.
I really feel your pain.
I had the pass for years, it is addictive.
But where do you go for work?

Lets go to Heuston.

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