Saturday, January 09, 2010

Taxi network

Suppose there are 16,000 taxis in Dublin...
Suppose that if there was a need to contact those drivers in a hurry.

A girl was attacked in Blackhall Place on New Years day.

I only knew this because there is a notice to that effect in the airport taxi drivers canteen.

There is no big notice up at the crime scene

This is not 1810 it is 20 10.

So I rang the number and spoke to a detective.

He quoted me the right to privacy and how numbers held by the taxi regulator are private information..

Really ! You have at your disposal a method of contacting 20,000 people scattered all over the city in an instant and they have never included a note when applying for or renewing a PSV licence that your mobile number may be used by the Garda to alert you to possible crimes or serious incidents.

While I was at it I gave him an ear full about Garda moving on taxis instead of asking for information from them about that assault.

Just a thought.

The Garda did not come when I reported an assault in Fairview, when I stopped an unmarked car they insisted in processing the guy they had just stopped.
A few weeks later a young lad was kicked to death 50 meters away from the first incident, it might have been the same guys.

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  1. Anonymous1:12 AM

    They only care when they need us. Never when we need them.