Friday, January 29, 2010

Elvis is now 75

A clever ad for Guinness from a few years ago

Last days for Conways pub, said to be the oldest in Dublin

This Elvis show will be great...75

Royal Hospital detail

Catalogue from the display.

Talk on the airwaves is that we are getting a 30Kms Per Hour speed limit in the city center 24/7 that's 20 MPH in old money!
My sons electric bike goes faster than that.
Today a car flew past me and started to weave in through traffic, the car on my left gave chase and turned on his sirens.
An unmarked police car, they are everywhere.
He was on him like a terrier dog onto a rat.
The driver looked Italian, if he is driving on a foreign licence they can't give him penalty points, just a matter of time before they bring out an EU licence and you sins will follow you from country to country.

Richie from Wexford was telling me of his neighbour who on loosing his Irish driving Licence got another one in England where he has an address of convince, now he is driving around giving the 2 fingers to the Garda.

TGIF Thank God Its Friday!

Taxi driver attacked last night from the Westbury rank, no details as at the present time.
The boys in blue are looking for the CC TV footage from the Westbury.

This can be a dangerous job.
Chances of crashing or being robbed every day, not to mention putting up with head cases.

I got a late start today and my first fare was from Heuston to The Barge pub.
He started to tell me about the photos that Roy had on his blog yesterday, Dublin 1961, his daughter had sent them to him. Have a look they are really great Nelsons Pillar and all.

When we arrived up it was €10.30 and I said I was heading down to the Bretzel for an eclair. The Bretzel is the only Kosher bakery in Dublin. The owner is not Jewish himself but the local Rabbi cajoled him into keeping it Kosher when he took it over,but I think that guy has sold it on since then.
Anyhow the passinger decided that he had time to go down to see the Bretzel bakery himself. The girl who was serving was from California and we had a chat about the weather, which is nice and warm there at present. My customer presented me with a free eclair and a €4.60 tip as well.
After I turned around I noticed my passinger was engrossed in conversation with the Californian bakers assistant, why not?.
Then back on the SCR (South Circular Rd.)where I was snagged by a Kiwi who was heading to Bluebell...happy days, a jolly chap of 59 with a 41year old girlfriend.
Tales of Kerry Packer and Dame Edna Everidge followed, he had reared a family in Brisbane Australia.
Some people tell you their life's story in 20 seconds, others hardly tell your their destination!
Later that night I had a girl from Brisbane in the car who has been here 7 1/2 years and she was shocked about what the Kiwi said about the Auzzies.
Sister may I say we are on the same page when it comes to life as it is at present in Ireland.
Shit creek and paddle!

One thing I have been telling my public about is the display Picturing New York in the Royal Hospital..You still have till Feb 14 th to see that.
I went to see it today and its well worth a visit.

Photographs as art, 3 or 4 great photographs the rest are interesting.
Best one was the family hailing the taxi, Cony Island and the plane that hit the Empire State.

But for those of you who have never seen the Turner water colours in the National Gallery..That closes for another year on this Sunday.

My leak is now fixed, the plumber my wife called did not come, so through the grapevine I found another one. A nice big hole in the celling and the trouble was exposed, a leaking blank where the plumber had closed off a joint in 1933, it has been leaking for years, just that now it got worse until ..Now it is fixed.

I will go to the damp store opposite Blackrock College, I will buy something to kill the spores and prevent dry rot, which comes after wet rot.
Better safe than sorry.

Another notable fare was a family`from the midlands who had a very bright lad with them, he seemed healthy enough but as they were getting out at Temple St. hospital I noticed that the lad was yellow not from sun but from Jaundice, nothing worse I hope.

It puts your troubles into the background when you meet people who are sick.

Your health is your wealth, that's for sure.

Skills training for new drivers.

Here is a classic comedy piece from Europe.

Reminds me of Charlie Drake and Norman Wisdom, with a little bit of Charlie Chaplin thrown in.

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