Thursday, January 07, 2010


Well many people find themselves saying "Ryanair bit me, and it really hurt".

More snow and the buses came to a stop!
The airport had people sitting on the runway for 4 hours before telling them to "go home".
My son is in London and when he went back to the airport he was told to re book his flight...You see airlines run a tight operation and they can't just fit you in ,or put on an extra plane..I told him to take a train and the boat from Holyhead.

See you tomorrow lad.

Well shortly after the snow fell the buses could not cross the bridge at North Strand.
My passengers decided to get out at Amiens St as the only thing moving was the meter.

I did a U turn and caught 3 people heading for the airport. A Spanish couple and an Irish girl who works for the United Nations. (Water was her subject)
The girl said the port tunnel and we whizzed under the traffic in frost free conditions and made the airport in double quick time.
The UN girl was going to Germany then driving to Amsterdam today to fly to the Far East.
I now now that they all went nowhere!

On the way back into town I picked up a Ryanair hostess and a young lad who was heading for football training. As we reached Santry some of the cars in front started sliding back down the hill.
So I decided in my great wisdom to drive through Northwood and back on to the Ballymun road.
Then the traffic came to a stop!
The young lad paid the fare and jogged off, he had football training to go to!
So my girl from Portugal told me about life in Cuba, where she had been recently.
"Next year is the 50th year since the revolution"
So it will be a good time to visit Cuba.

So even if you are working it is not good as the traffic is not moving.
Tensions are high when it costs €10 to go 1/2 a mile

By the way if you have any empty property, turn off the water and let the cold water tap in the bath run to drain the tank in the attic.

Water damage can be very bad when the thaw comes.

Perhaps I should buy a London taxi to work through the snow!

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