Saturday, January 02, 2010

A story of caution


A tree decorated with wine glasses. A bit tipsy after Christmas.

well here in 20 10, the new baby has arrived and we wonder what big things lie ahead.
God answered many taxi drivers prayers by giving us snow and frost on New Years Eve.
Oh how the Poles laughed at us. "In Poland this is nothing". The Russians laughed even louder."In Moscow this snow would fall every 20 Min's through the night".

Well no gritters came out and on New Years day we taxi drivers had a bumper day.
No buses ran, too dangerous...Wimps.

Most guys I rang said "Are you mad, going out in that?"
Mad or not I did well.

In fact I got 2 tips of e20!
The first one put the money into my pocket and said "Anyone who work in conditions deserves a good reward."When his friends were getting out I said I had already been paid.
They told me that that was a tip! Nice one.

The second time I was stopped in Lr Stephens St by an American family who wanted me to drive around and show them the city. I decided that I would drive around and show them what I knew, then if I had missed something that they wanted to see we could go and see that. They were happy and gave me e20 tip.

Nice people their Dad was with them with a walking aid, EX taxi driver, they were from Boston and Texas. Not much snow in Texas for sure.

Reminds me of the story about one of the guys who hired a car while he was staying in Texas. He got a burst wheel and he rang the hire company, they were not very helpful. At one point they asked him where his address was. "I'm at Governor Connolly's house" "I said whats the address sir?"" Oh so you are broken down outside the governors house?"
"No he is my uncle we are inside having our tea"
Well they sent round a new car that day, a better one,at no extra charge.

Guess the helpline wasn't in India at that time.

Well I digress from my tale of warning!!!

Take note they wait for you like the big bad wolf and Red Riding Hood.

A girl in the car told me she went to a wedding in Florida before Christmas. She took 3 weeks holidays, before,during and recovery.
There was a house hired for visiting guests and she stayed there.
Being a chatty person she talked to the security guard on the development, they got on OK and at some point he said. "There has been PROBLEMS WITH THIS PROPERTY, BE CAREFUL". He said no more .
The night before they left the property they cleaned the place down and then took photos of the whole house. Bedrooms bathrooms toilet etc.
On arriving back home there was an e mail from Florida with a demand for thousands of $$$. The house had been trashed! a toilet smashed and flooding through the house...The owner had to fly over at short notice from the UK at a cost of $2,000.

The file they sent of the photos of the damage would not open, so they requested another file which would show them the photos, and while they were at it a copy of the owners flight details...A demand followed with a threat to go to LAW.

So they sent them the photos from the last night and sent a copy of all the correspondence to the local police...They heard nothing more...
They are waiting.

.Will they catch you?

Look after yourselves and be happy.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Are you having a laugh. Taxi drivers in Dublin ran for cover on New Years eve. Not one to be got. I counted 6 in the city centre at 3am. I had to drive from Leixlip at 3am to collect my son from town. I know of another lad who waited from 4am to9 am to get one in the Georges St Area.

    No doubt you lot will be back moaning as soon as the ice is finished. I for one hope they give out another 500 plates to real drivers.

  2. Well thats how it is. For the one time in the WANT a taxi everyone else wants one too.
    I worked Christmas eve, New years eve till 3 am and 10 hours on New Years day.
    You have no Idea how hard the driving conditions were.
    Remember one crash and all your takings would be all gone.

  3. I'm having a laugh over the tipsy tree. You've a good eye for an image in need of a caption.

  4. I put the above Japanese comment on to a web translater,its all about Spice Girls porn!!!
    Tut Tut.

    "I went into a restaurant with my friends and ordered the entire meal in French !
    The waiter was confused, it was a Chinese restaurant!"

    Tommy Cooper

  5. I worked New Years eve also John, I brought a shovel with me and at 1am had to dig myself out around ellensborough when i couldnt get moving. Then at 1.45 i had to go digging again in my old '97 merc in Ballintyre. I lasted till 3am outside the plaza and decided that enough was enough. I had 3 hours of people kicking my car, shouting at me and giving me the middle finger all because i either already had a passenger in the car and wouldn't stop for them or i had my roof sign off and was on my way to a telephone booking from one of the few loyal customers who always try (or at least thats what they tell me) my number first. Stay safe John