Monday, January 04, 2010


Nothing to do with driving a taxi.

I found this piece and lost it, now having found it again I will share it with you.

Pianos in Cuba are scarce, the woodworm has a good time in their climate.

I love the idea of the Buena Vista Social club...Old guys and gals knocking around who became stars in their twilight years.

Didn't they have a great time?

One for the ear, I wish I could play like this at 20 never mind at 80.

I found this one which shows Rubens hands at work.

Great to have been round when they hit the scene.

They are nearly all gone now!

Hope you enjoyed that.

Taxi work is now dead for a while!


Today my son made his first CD, its not bad, not ready for release, but its a first

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