Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New years blues.

It is just dead out there, thousands of taxis looking for hundreds of jobs.

The more boats that trawl the seas the less fish for everyone, that's for sure.

With so many people losing their jobs the need for taxis is going down at a big rate.

I have been there before, this time it happened so suddenly that I have been taken aback.

The radio cab companies have really jumped on the bandwagon......"Drivers needed, loads of work,we have top contracts, loads of cash work"
Then when you join up and you learn about their 20% discount scheme, yes, YOU GIVE 20% DISCOUNT TO THE CUSTOMER no discount to you.

Any time I am asked for a discount,I ask how much discount the publican gave them.

The other thing that makes me very mad is the uptake of the stickers supporting Aware and the Samaritans...The radio companies were too mean to give a few bob to help prevent premature deaths of healthy people within and outside the trade.

One other other thing about the radio companies.
If they have work for 100 cars they employ 199 and everyone has a bad day.
(Except them)

So boys and girls, get out your paint brushes and sandpaper.
The house needs doing up.
The kids need to be brought to football and judo.

Better days are coming.

I am sure of it.

Buy a sheeps head from the butcher and ask him to leave the eyes in.
So that it will see you through till the end of the week.

Shop like your granny did !

We will see this through together.

Here is a really good piece, it kinda sums up the situation.

Here we are now, through no fault of our own.

Its a strange one that,like marmalade and banana !

Odd but it works.

Look to the ones who love you.


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