Friday, January 15, 2010

Burst Pipes

Today Friday was quiet and I was not having much luck when I got a call from Paul to go down to Graystones to look at someones burglar alarm.
I went down in around an hour and located the fault, a blown fuse and a 7 year old back up battery..Job done I checked out a neighbors alarm and I was heading back to the big smoke.
I had just passed Bray when I got a phone call.

"John could you help?There's an alarm ringing and we can't turn it off."

This guy is very wealthy, property all over Dublin, Manchester and London.

Problem is that maintenance is way down his list of things to do.
He employs a hopeless alcoholic to do odd jobs for him and this guy drinks 7 days a week.

Employing good people to get things done right and in good time is money he feels that is wasted.
So property's remain idle for want of a good painting.

I explained that that a property which rents for €1,500 per month costs him €6,000 in lost revenue over 4 months. Plus clean and fresh looking properties will rent no problem, where as dirty properties in poor order will only be rented by people who will not look after it in the first the place.

You can also add into the equation that staff wages and materials are tax deductible.

Well it is as it is.

His "helper" didn't turn off the water in all the empty houses as he was asked to do.A burst pipe in the attic and the water has been flowing down the stairs and through the ceilings for the last few days.

What a mess.

Sorry the photos are a bit misted up, a lot of moisture around.

For the want of a nail....a shoe was lost.
For the want of a shoe ....a horse was lost.
For the loss of a horse ....a king was lost.
For the loss of the king ...the kingdom fell.

Penny wise Pound foolish.

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  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Hi John, Think this might interest you.Paddy.

  2. nice one Paddy,
    I will give it a link soon.


  3. We seem to have at least one burst pipe in the cellar per winter. Sometimes the cold, lost power, and wind in combination make it rather inevitable regardless of my preventative actions. Of course, we're a wee bit cooler here than there most days;-)

  4. Anonymous7:28 AM