Saturday, July 16, 2011


Down by the 40 foot

Office workers relax and eat "Al fresco" on the canal Mesbil Rd

I just see the number of posts I have done.
That is the number of the Devil.

Child abuse by the clergy is once again a top news item.

Ian Paisley in one of his rants shouted. "Satan lives in the Vatican"

How so many good people can be misled by corrupt officials I will never understand.
The well being of a child should surely be the most important thing on this earth.

If you believe in the fluffy cloud heaven, then the angels must be crying in despair.

Another scandal came to the surface when a 47 year old traveller woman was sentenced to 24 years in jail for a catalogue of cruelty to her 8 children, beating, stabbing, scalding and starving them over a 12 year period. The poor judge who had to listen to it all could not understand how it was not noticed sooner, or why it was not stopped by someone earlier.

Another scumbag beat up elderly patients in a nursing home. He terrified the Filipino assistants and told them that their working visas would be taken away if they said anything.
I spoke to a customer who had assessed a few of the victims. Well I hope we have somewhere nice to put this scumbag, in with a load of psychopaths who will teach him a bit of respect for peoples personal safety.

I am amazed by mankind's ability to do fantastic good deeds, people like Mother Theresa or Christina Noble or that priest who fights the corrupt officials in Thiland to save young prostatutes.
I am equally shocked and horrified at what evil deeds we are capable of.

Perhaps the way the tabloids tapped into voice mails of 911 victims.

Rupert Murdoch just says he is sorry that he was caught hacking into the voicemail of a murdered child Millie Dowler, or that indeed he is sorry he was caught trying to listen into the voicemail of 911 victims.


It is so offside to hack into the voice mail of a murdered schoolgirl.

No boys and girls, we must stand by our own principles and not be ruled by the mob!

Years ago I saw a photograph of a beautiful lady sitting on a hospital bench at Loughlinstown hospital in complete shock.

Front page news!

Her husband had been caught in fishing nets and had been pulled overboard.
She had come to the hospital to identify his body.

So some low life took her photograph!

I very very seldom buy that paper.

12 million people facing starvation in Africa, very few people care. (that's not true) but the people who do care are not heard.

A girl once wrote a piece about me .
Gave my name, she told the people how I wrote about the personal details of my passengers, I was so angry at the time, so I asked the people who read the blog if that was true.

What I write about is the human condition, how we are different etc. and how we contrast.
Nothing more.

Back to Corfu. Ken is our MC He is funny, he knows one of the guests, he introduces him.


"We were shite" the lad said

"No 22 that is good"

Ken had a a few great lines in comedy. "Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a big plastic bucket of the finest wine for your enjoyment, I know it it good, because we were using it as paint stripper, but it was damaging the sink! No No it really is a great vintage, at least that's what it said on the tin"

So later on I talked to the guitarist about fame and how some people can't handle it when it comes. He told me that what his limited success had done for him was to allow him to work as a session man for many great groups and to go on tour with them around the world.
He had become great friends with many of the greats including a lead guitarist who had a worldwide 2 times Platinum hit record.

Fame destroyed him, he turned to drugs and descended into the abyss.

The other guys in the group(which I won't name)became millionaires.

Some of his friends helped in the the addicts rescue, the richest ones did not.
Then lets call him Mike decided to try and rescue his old muse, if I told you the name of the song no matter which country in the world you lived in you would know it.
So he was now in Corfu away from his drug pushing "friends" and Mike was taking a cruise with us to have a bit of a chill out.
Mike was saying that he regrets the loss of such a talent to the world.

But that is the cruel side of life, you get one thing and you loose another.

I picked up an old guy who used to work with me 20 years ago.
I instantly recognized him.
"We buried 5 of out colleagues last month" he said
He also told me about a guy who worked with us.
Well this man went off for the day and while he was away his house caught fire. No,it was in the countryside and it burned to the ground.
All he was left with when he came back was the clothes he was standing up in.

Foolish man to say the least, he had no house insurance.

There is always someone worse off than yourself.

I have been working too hard. The pressure of not making any money was stressing me out.
So I'm taking time off for myself and the painting. Doors and ceilings mostly.
No landscapes for me.

In the Kesh where the taxi drivers wait to be called up there is a list of around 6 A4 sheets of paper giving the taxi plate numbers of school teachers who are driving taxis, also which schools they teach in.
The font size is quite small, so there are a lot of names on it.

I was coming home when I was stopped by a girl who has fibromyalgia. Poor girl she is in constant pain and she told me of her ills. Young enough, 22 perhaps her entire life is on hold. Friends who have not sen her for a while pass her in the street as she has changed so much. Indeed her hair is falling out and because she can't exercise she is putting on weight.

Good on her she put my own tiredness into perspective for me.

God bless you kid.

I really hope you get better soon.


  1. An excellent post reflecting the rich tapestry of human nature. Great writing, very enjoyable!

  2. Thank you Matt.
    But is there really life beyond IT ?