Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers, cousins and friends.
I was in Boston a few years ago and saw 1812 being performed on the banks of the Charles river to fireworks. Sad to say it was in heavy rain.
I often hear visitors to Ireland are dismayed at how this is just another day for us, nothing special.
Have a click here

Well the last posting did not take so I will try again.

Here is one of the most watched

Yes,there is a reason why you should drive slower.

I hope this will purge my contempt your honour.


  1. Aw I can't see the embedded items (I'm sure you know that).

    But I'm keeping it as Unread on my RSS feed just because I'm so interested as an American :)


  2. Well it worked for me but this is the link.

  3. Thank you for the well wishes. Your post are always so interesting!