Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bank holiday weekend coming

Birds of prey on display in the Rose garden festival in St Annes park, they are used to keep birds away from airports and rubbish dumps.

Lost Russian sailors

Well here we are, the Galway races are in full swing and so is a photographic event.There are so many things happening that you should look at a few websites and plan ahead.
Tomorrow I am off to see Keith Barrys show in the Olympia, it should be good.

I have known Keith before either of us were famous.

As Paul Daniels once said "I love magic, it's such fun!.
The only way to have more fun is to take your clothes off"
"But in your case John, keep them on"

Anyhow enough name dropping.

Did you know that FISM, the Olympics of magic will be taking place in Blackpool next year?
If you are into magic this will be your Mecca.
It will be massive.

Do you like magic?
I once got a massive tip for showing a client a simple magic trick.

we should all have a party piece.

Do you like this ?

Because both of these are a silent acts they can work all over the world!

I saw an illusion done on TV by a French magician once, he was at Blackpool last year but he was a complete ashole in person. (this happpens)
Anyhow he did this fantastic trick once where he took a piece from a matrix of pieces, spread them out and they all fitted back into the frame,even though one piece wasw taken out. There was no spaces. Then he scattered the pieces again and re assembled them once more.Once again fitted into the frame without gaps. Yet again he had removed one piece.
Fantastic I thought, so I asked and I looked on the magic sites.
I even asked in magic shops when I was in France.
Then my friend David Bishop who lives in France gave me the name of the illusion.."Puzzle paradox"
So I bought it on ebay.
From Indonesia.
It came with a little plastic bag inside, with this message.

"Thank you for buying this product from us. We are graetful that you chose to buy your product from our store when you had the whole world to choose from.
I enclose a stamp from our country as a gift.
May god bless you and your family"

Now isn't that nice ?

Its a lot better than a shop assistant popping your change into your hand and saying "Next"
Or a taxi driver who leaves you 50cent short and drives off with a grunt.

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