Friday, July 29, 2011

Thumbs down

St Pauls London

Corfu Greece

98 FM Dublin

I went to Keith Barry's 8 deadly sins last night.

Sorry lads this did not work for me at all.

There was a lot of sexual content where it was not needed.
The magic and mind reading were great.

But when a Monk pulls up his gown and exposes a long penis, then stretches it out towards a (she said) 17 year girl. Then he lets it go to show it was made of rubber and dangles it in front of her face!.

The entire show cannot go anywhere.

Unless it is for Hen Nights or Stag Nights.

I know the show was over 16. But it lacked direction and taste.

As my old teacher used to say. "Could do a lot better".

I don't know how it happened but time seems to have jumped forward.
I can remember a time before television.

( A thing with black and white pictures and shutters that closed over the screen )

The radio used to be closed off during the day and shut down around 10pm.for the night.
Then we would screw the dial around to Radio Luxembourg.

Later on,how could we forget "the pirates" Radio Caroline being the best of the lot.

Suddenly time has moved on and people download music and films on to Ipods or mobile phones. People walk under buses as they shuffle through their songs.
Kids on bicycles drive through red lights not hearing the ambulance coming through the lights on green!
Youth lives in a world of their own.

New TVs are now linked into the Internet and are as big as a front door, I have an Internet radio which picks up every radio station in every country in the world.

I had a crystal radio set when I was a kid.

Now you can go on the net and podcast TV programes and radio shows from all over the place.

RTE 1 this morning had John Sheehan from the Dubliners on.

He was the non drinker and a great fiddle player.

You do remember the Marino waltz?

When I was just a lad working in Charlemount St. Martin Brennan introduced me to Luke Kelly.
There was a grocery shop across the road "Caddens" and beside it was"Blacks"the home of the fantastic Mary and Francis Black.
I was immersed in greatness then only few of us knew it at the time.

My son David was supposed to be coming with me to the magic show. He had band practice and declined. I rang a friend who has a mentally handicapped daughter. Later on he told me how the whole family were slipping deeper and deeper into despair.
While at the same time as politicians are laughing at us from their mansions.

You can tell the value of any society by how well they take care for their sick and their elderly.

Then tonight around 8 pm there was a great programme about Russian Caviar !
I think that was on Lyric fm.

You think of a thing and Google it, suddenly you have 30,000 reference points and you have it sussed.

There was 2.500 taxis in Dublin 10 years ago, now there are 15,000 taxis trying to fit into the same number of spaces.

Though for myself I think it is time to step back for a moment.

It is not for me to be upset when I let a car across the traffic and they don't give a wave.
Why should I be upset when a blind man is not offered help to cross the road?

Today a guy cut me off at the 5 lamps, I slotted in behind him and then gave him a hoot of the horn as I drove down the bus lane past him by 50 yards.

Perhaps I am turning into an asshole too!
(No, I always was one)

I do suppose that life is all about going with the punches and not taking anything personal.


  1. My grandparents had this huge radio that got all kinds of channels. There were even international channels on it. My dad has it. May try to ship it back when he passes. Supposedly it has a new switch and should work. That would be cool.

  2. Ebay and car boot sales have them. Don't forget to step up the power if you bring your Dads one over.Good luck it's quite an experience

  3. I used to listen to Radio stations as a kid, had a little longwave radio, best thinh I ever invested in, well as a kid it was!

  4. Simplicity is so fantastc. Whether you were innocent and saw Peter Pan fly, or you found other languages and music through the radio.To travel is to be educated.

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