Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Wow what a car this is.

A street that changes name 1/2 way along ? Thats Mad

Wow boys and girls ! What about that €170 million jackpot not being won..Next one €200 million or more.
Good luck and if you win, don't forget the hungry in Africa.

I was all in a heap last week, the Tango Fiesta took up all my time.
You had to see it, dance is poetry in motion for sure.

I have worked all my life, in factories, with horses,in electrics, cash in transit.
So now I have decided I will work to live and enjoy my life a bit more.

Nothing bothers me more or less.
If something comes up I go with the flow.

So anyhow I had a trip lined up to Monkstown and on the way I called into Sandymount where this fantastic cat was lying by the curb.
A black E type Jaguar no less!
1960s and all that.
What a beautiful machine, I just had to photograph it.

I spoke to a man sitting at the table. "It represents 10 years work" he said.
The proud owner, 15 minutes of praise was loaded on to him.

So when I had picked up the fire I remembered Mountown Motors which was not far away.
So I drove over to the place. Doug Skakie is a classic car "anorak". He saw the photographs I had taken and he knew so much about that car that he nearly knew the chassis Nr. of the vehicle.
So we discussed cars for quite a while!
Now you can take your car to a garage and a guy will work on it. Fair enough. Or you can find a guy who is passionate about cars. He knows the difference between a dipstick and a big end, as well as that he has an interest in what he is doing.

So on Thursday I will be getting my transmission fluid changed and my plugs.

I am a bit like the wolf who hunts alone, some work for a radio company and give 20% discount(the driver not the radio company) Others work the airport and pay €420 for the pass to pick up people. You used to be able to apply a "pick up charge" but not any more.You might have to wait 2 1/2 hours for a job of €10. These guys just go back again for more.
The taxi rank at the James's St. hospital is gone to private hands. Yesterday I found out why.
It appears that taxi drivers were coming up and getting "Last" from the car in front and then driveing away.
The driver would then come back later and demand his place back in the queue, there was fighting all the time and the hospital had had enough.
Customers of mine have told me that they walk past certian taxi ranks because they find the way the drivers behave intimidates them.

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  1. Some taxi drivers give others a bad name. Yesterday I was in Wexford town and took the car at the top of Q, he told me to sit in the back as his front seat was broken, it appeared to me he didnt want his front seat wet