Friday, July 01, 2011

Canada day

Greek folk dancers

Colfu toilet sign. you cannot put toilet paper into the toilet, it has to go in the bin !

The beautiful flora of Corfu

This is the Gay Pride flag flying onet the Sin Fein offices.
Who ever would have thought it.

Happy Canada day for all my Canadian readers.
May the mounties never get you !

Boys and girls, us men are very stupid ! C'est true!
So htere I was with a guy in the taxi heading for Pearse St. when a French "lady"(I use the term loosley) hailed me. The guy in the back was OK to share. So off we went and when he got out she said "I only have 20 minutes to make my flight to Bordeaux".
So what did I do ?

Well if I wrote it here the policwe would be banging on the door and arresting me.
In 15 minutes we were there 165 Kph.

I had forgotten to restart the meter when I dropped off the other guy, so there was only €21 on the clock including the toll for the tunnell. The attendent had made a mistake ano only charged me €3

The bitch gave me a €50 I gave her back a 20 and 2 5s

Now guess what.

Wow, we are on time!She said.

Then she put all the cahnge in her pocket and fucked off.

Well I will be taking lessons from the DC cabby. The only time you try to help is when there is CASH ON THE DASH. I.E. PAID IN FULL UP FRONT !
A while ago I had a passinger giving me greif about the flow of traffic, she was insting I go one way I wanted to go another way.
"Listen mam, we can go any way you want. But I will make a deal with you. Let me go my way and if you are late you get the fare for free. When we arrive on time you pay me double"
We shook on it. Deal done !
It was all agreed and we arrived on time €24 on th meter she handed me €25 and insisted that I gave her €1 back !

How can some people turn good fortune into bad, I really don't know.

So now that is off my shoulders.

Have a great weekend.


  1. People who are in a big hurry like that lady need remember what you did for her to get her flight on time, what about if you got a speeding fine, will she pay for it?

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Why did you use the tunnel if you were on pearse street?

  3. She was coming from Sandymount and I had a guy in the car. She wanted the East Link and the tunnell. When I dropped him off I went over the Sam Beckett bridge. Once you hit the port tunnel there are no traffic lights. Someone sait that it cuts out 26 sets of lights.